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should it be page or text? if page, it seems that there is a redirect trouble, but en is page ._. -- 2017年5月29日 (一) 18:56 (UTC)elite_stay's bed here

It should not matter in theory. Can you give me a link to the "redirect trouble"? Molldust讨论) 2017年5月29日 (一) 21:01 (UTC)
I reverted it. Last time I saw the property page, it showed for example 齐天大圣's hero was 齐天大圣(It should be Monkey King) then almost all images were broken. Even after I resaved it because of 7.06c changes, 7.06c版本 still missed image. --Elite stay讨论) 2017年5月30日 (二) 07:23 (UTC)
Yes there are problems when you try to mix englisch with chinese names. 齐天大圣 should have the property [hero::齐天大圣], not [hero::Monkey King]. Btw you shouldn't set the hero/item/unit/ability parameter except for wrappers. Molldust讨论) 2017年5月30日 (二) 09:39 (UTC)
hmm.. It seems so much template that I can't remember now using {#show:{{{1}}}|?hero#} to show each kind of image ._. maybe need to rewrite hero infobox first --Elite stay讨论) 2017年5月30日 (二) 10:21 (UTC)
oh wait. maybe no need to rewrite, just remove property hero and re-add all image and icon? --Elite stay讨论) 2017年5月30日 (二) 10:26 (UTC)
Keep the images and icons! I'd prefer if we added them on EN as well, because relying on PAGENAME is always bad. Molldust讨论) 2017年5月30日 (二) 11:10 (UTC)