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Magnus minimap icon 马格纳斯 is one of the few melee heroes who can solo the middle lane well, because of his skill set. It is ideal for him especially if he is needed to be a carry in the late game.
优点 缺点
  • Great teamfighter thanks to Reverse Polarity icon 两极反转 and Skewer icon 巨角冲撞.
  • Can be played as right-clicker.
  • Compliments the team's late-game carry.
  • Good hero to pick off with.
  • Only useful in the late-game because of Reverse Polarity icon 两极反转.
  • Has mana problems because of high manacost spells and spamming Shockwave icon 震荡波.


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+1秒 Reverse Polarity icon 两极反转眩晕25+10% Empower icon 授予力量攻击力/分裂
+425 Skewer icon 巨角冲撞距离20+350 生命
-7秒 Skewer icon 巨角冲撞冷却15+12 Strength attribute symbol 力量
+0.5秒 Shockwave icon 震荡波减速时间10+20 攻击力
  • 攻击力天赋以攻击力加成的形式增加。
    • 幻象不能从中获益,也不受大多数百分比伤害增加或降低效果影响。
  • 生命天赋增加最大生命值,并且保持当前生命值百分比。

小贴士 & 技巧[]


  • Most of Magnus' abilities work effectively only if his targets are in front of him. When surrounded, Magnus will be forced to change directions too much, not only delaying him from casting spells in rapid succession, but also rendering his spells' area-of-effects useless. As such, place Magnus in the side lines, or until his enemies are in a manageable range in front of him. You should only place yourself in the middle when planning to cast your ultimate, Reverse Polarity, since it forces all of the targets you hit to be in front of you.
  • Magnus players need to communicate with the team because his initiations are most likely to be sudden.


Shockwave icon 震荡波[]

  • Shockwave is Magnus's ranged nuke, one with a low mana cost:
  • Shockwave is Magnus's signature laning ability, since it's perfect for both harassing heroes and last-hitting creeps. Thanks to the mana cost and low cooldown, Magnus is able to perform this ability continuously, so long as he receives a stable mana supply.
  • Though usually used against disabled enemies, Shockwave can act as a great finisher to fleeing enemies. Make sure to cast it carefully, since it has a limited range.
  • Take note of Shockwave's limited area-of-effect. Much like Lion minimap icon 莱恩's Earth Spike icon 裂地尖刺, Shockwave directly affects targets in a straight path. Aim to hit multiple targets to maximize its effectiveness.
  • More tips needed.

Empower icon 授予力量[]

  • Empower is a great buff that boosts base damage for a long duration, as well as grant cleave with each attack on melee heroes. Use it as much as you can on allies or yourself whenever possible, especially when a team fight is ensuing. Outside of team fights, Empower could be used for farming in lanes or jungles.
  • Don't be afraid to cast Empower on ranged allies, especially if they are carries; ranged heroes like Drow Ranger minimap icon 卓尔游侠 or Weaver minimap icon 编织者 can greatly benefit from the base damage boost, since it adds more power to their already devastating basic attacks.
  • In comparison, a Battle Fury icon 狂战斧 has a cleave radius of 280, and does 35% damage. Empower has a smaller radius of 200, but deals 50% damage at its highest level. This ability can, in some cases, act as a free Battle Fury.
  • More tips needed.

Skewer icon 巨角冲撞[]

  • Skewer| is soft-nuke and reposition skill that Magnus to rush forth towards a certain place and forcefully drag, and damage, all enemy units in his path. It is a tricky ability to use effectively:
  • When the target is moving, determine its path ahead of time, since there is a short delay in deploying. The closer you are to the target, the sooner Skewer will land.
  • To maximize its range, always target Skewer's landing point from a distance.
  • Note that Skewer is not a disable; it does not interrupt targets from casting their spells. Skewer is more of a crippling ability used to push targets to a certain distance and slow them, making escape more difficult.
  • Always try to Skewer in front of an enemy; the farther the target is pushed away from safety, the better.
  • Though it is offensive in nature, Skewer can also act as a quick escape mechanism, functioning similarly to a slower 原力法杖. You can charge toward cliffs to make it more difficult for your pursuers to chase you.
  • During the laning phase, try to Skewer enemy heroes toward your tower; they will be forced to take tower damage, giving you additional offense while fighting them.
  • Skewer placement is usually ideal when in front of a hero. This can easily be attained with a Blink Dagger, as it lets you blink in front of your enemy for an easier placement. Invisibility can also be used to your advantage, as you can easily place yourself in front of the target without their knowledge (unless of course they have methods to prevent invisibility).
  • Skewer is a good initiation ability in the absence of a Blink Dagger. Use it to position yourself into the middle of an enemy team for Reverse Polarity. Keep in mind that you are not immune to crowd control during Skewer, so wait for the proper time before attempting to use Skewer in this fashion.
  • Skewer has a long cooldown of 30 seconds, so make sure to use it only when you really need it; otherwise, you will lose either an escape ability, or an offensive cripple.
  • More tips needed.

Reverse Polarity icon 两极反转[]

  • Reverse Polarity is one of the most powerful team fight disables in the game:
  • When planning to cast, place yourself in the middle of as many heroes as you can. The more heroes you disable, the more advantage you gain in the team fight.
    • But don't be too greedy to use your ultimate, Reverse Polarity on many heroes. Even though it's much better to use Magnus' ultimate on many heroes, it's still good to use Reverse Polarity on the core heroes of the enemy team.
  • The enemy targets' designated landing point make it easier for your allies to land their area-of-effect spells.
    • The pull also synergizes well with Magnus' frontal target spells. While your affected targets are stunned in front of you, you can cast Shockwave in a line, cleave with Empower, or trample them with Skewer. Note that only Skewer will displace them from the pulled location.
  • Though very powerful, Reverse Polarity's huge drawback is its cooldown. Use it carefully.
  • If possible, pave your way into an area full of enemy heroes with Skewer, then cast Reverse Polarity. Skewer's charge will help you get to the area faster, and will guarantee you stunned targets if you manage to drag heroes with you.
  • Maximize Reverse Polarity's disable with a Refresher Orb icon 刷新球; casting Reverse Polarity>Refresh>Reverse Polarity will damage your targets for a total of 100/250/400 magic damage and disable them for 4.50/6/7.50 seconds, depending on the timing of the second cast.
  • More tips needed.



  • Bracer icon 护腕 provides additional Strength and damage.
  • Bottle icon 魔瓶 can save Magnus trips to the fountain, since its mana rejuvenation works well with his low-mana cost abilities. It is crucial if soloing the middle lane, allowing for rune control.
  • Magic Wand icon 魔杖 will not only provide him bonus attributes, but also more regeneration.


  • Power Treads icon 动力鞋 give slight attribute buffs for damage/attack speed/mana regen depending on what you set them on (strength/agility/intelligence respectively). Recommended to get set on Strength.
  • Blink Dagger icon 闪烁匕首 will help Magnus initiate with Reverse Polarity, as well as give him more mobility. Shockwave and Skewer can also be efficiently used after blinking in front of the enemy.
  • Drum of Endurance icon 韧鼓 gives him additional strength and intelligence for his health and mana pool, as well as give him a small boost to his attack and movement speed.


  • Battle Fury icon 狂战斧 gives Magnus more regeneration, additional attack damage, and a permanent cleave that stacks with Empower.
  • Refresher Orb icon 刷新球 gives Magnus more regeneration and the ability to cast his ultimate in a shorter period of time.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon 恐鳌之心 helps him tank more damage, as well as give him additional attack damage.
  • Mask of Madness icon 疯狂面具 will give him a quick boost in attack speed, which could help when he is buffed with Empower.
  • Daedalus icon 代达罗斯之殇 gives Magnus critical strike, enabling him to deal huge damage without relying on his spells.
  • Assault Cuirass icon 强袭胸甲 gives Magnus additional attack speed as well as armor, and also debuff his enemies' armor.
  • Black King Bar icon 黑皇杖 makes it easier for Magnus to use his ultimate, as he can place himself in the middle of heroes without being interrupted. It can also be used so that he can live longer against too many disablers.
  • Shiva's Guard icon 希瓦的守护 gives Magnus an additional nuke once he's in the middle of the enemy team, much needed armor, and a large boost to his somewhat small mana pool.