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物品掉落系统是一项功能,玩家可以通过正常玩游戏但无需购买而获得游戏中的装饰品。 该系统的灵感来自于《军团要塞2》中的掉落系统,但功能并不完全相同。



  • 在完成一场比赛后.
    • 并非所有玩家都会收到物品或箱子。
    • 玩家每场游戏只能获得一件掉落物品。 这样可以保证升级后物品的掉落数量,并可能在一场游戏中授予两个物品。
    • Certain crafting recipes also drop after games. These drops stack with item drops.
    • 比赛时间越长,获得物品或箱子的机会就越高。
    • 胜负团队中的玩家似乎有相等的机会获得物品或宝箱。
    • 掉落分配似乎是随机的(不受玩家表现的影响)。
  • 通过战斗点数的提升.
    • 升级时,一定会为您提供一件饰品。
    • 箱子无法靠升级获得。
  • 兵器库内删除一个饰品时.
    • Deleting an item grants a very small chance of giving you back a random item of the next rarity rank. Note: This feature has been temporarily removed due to a possible exploit.

Level requirements[]

The Rarity of items that can drop is dependent on the player's Profile Level. This system was implemented to reduce item farming by bots.

Level Item rarity In-game message
1 B0C3D9 -
2 5E98D9 -
4 4B69FF Some of these items contain custom animations for the Heroes that wear them.
6 8847FF These items often contain custom animations and spell effects for the Heroes that wear them.
9 D32CE6 These items are incredibly rare objects, often replacing entire couriers and hero mounts with new models and effects.
11 #eb4b4b -
15 ADE55C These items are the rarest of all, capable of adding new models, sounds, spell effects, and HUD icons for a Hero.

Droppable item types[]

Only certain types of items can be obtained through drops.

Droppable Not droppable
Custom Wards
Treasure Chests
Essences (During events)
Greevil Egg (During events)
HUD Skins
Tournament Items
Limited/Promotional Equipment

Other information[]

  • Players who abandon the game and players in Low Priority queue will not receive Battle Points or items drops.[1]
  • Certain items not found in the Store can be found in drops, such as The Soul Reaper. These are usually items from old Treasure Chests that are no longer available.
  • Upon receiving an item, different visual, sound effects and hero voice responses will play depending on the rarity of the item.

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