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Meepo icon
  • Meepo's clones are very helpful in stopping Night Stalker from chasing a low health Meepo, as they can ensnare him and slow him down heavily. On top of that, Meepo has enough burst damage to even kill Night Stalker while stopping him.
Wraith King icon
  • None of Night Stalker's abilities cannot apply Break, and that is the only thing that can help him against Wraith King.
Omniknight icon
  • Omniknight's Repel icon 驱逐 will block effects of Void icon 虚空 and Crippling Fear icon 伤残恐惧.
  • In addition, Night Stalker is mostly reliant on right-clicks, so Guardian Angel icon 守护天使 will help Omniknight and his allies a lot during teamfights.
Chaos Knight icon
  • Going on Chaos Knight is not going to end well for Night Stalker because he is illusion based hero.
  • In addition, Chaos Knight often builds Manta Style icon 幻影斧 to remove effects of Crippling Fear icon 伤残恐惧.
Naga Siren icon
  • Mirror Image icon 镜像 can be problematic since Night Stalker cannot withstand fighting Illusions. If he's unable to tell which Naga Siren is real, he will have a hard time to land his Void icon 虚空 and Crippling Fear icon 伤残恐惧.
  • She can also Ensnare icon 诱捕 him, thus giving her teammates the chance to kill him.
Phantom Lancer icon
  • Same as every other illusion based hero, Night Stalker cannot deal at all with Phantom Lancer.
  • Also, with Diffusal Blade icon 净魂之刃, Phantom Lancer will significantly decrease mobility granted by Hunter in the Night icon 暗夜猎影.
Tidehunter icon
  • Tidehunter's Anchor Smash icon 锚击 and Gush icon 巨浪 will decrease his mobility and attack damage when attacking head-on or ganking.
Huskar icon
  • It is not great matter how much Night Stalker is scary when ganking other heroes, Huskar's Berserker's Blood icon 狂战士之血 helps him endure damage from Void icon 虚空 or any other gank attempt.
  • Huskar's durability is higher than Night Stalker, so Huskar will be able to deal with him.
  • One more thing, Life Break icon 牺牲 significantly decreases mobility granted by Hunter in the Night icon 暗夜猎影.
Terrorblade icon
  • Not only that Terrorblade is illusion based hero, but also Night Stalker doesn't have very high damage output, which will give Terrorblade more than enough time to turn the tables with Sunder icon 魂断.


  • Dragon Knight
  • Underlord
  • Broodmother
  • Oracle
  • Legion Commander
  • Sven



Treant Protector icon
  • With Aghanim's Scepter and a Gem of True Sight, Night Stalker can get the drop on Treant Protector before he does the same to Night Stalker's team.
Clinkz icon
  • The long silence at night prevents Clinkz and from escaping with their invisibility spells. he also has really low base health, so that Night Stalker can usually kill them alone during one cast of Crippling Fear at night.
Bounty Hunter icon
  • The long silence at night prevents Bounty Hunter from escaping with their invisibility spells. Like Clinkz, he also has really low base health, so that Night Stalker can usually kill them alone during one cast of Crippling Fear at night.
Anti-Mage icon
  • Balanar has a small mana pool, so Mana Void against him is usually very ineffective. He also only needs to cast 2 spells at the beginning, so the missing mana does not hinder Night Stalker much.
  • Crippling Fear also prevents Anti-Mage from escaping with his blink, allowing Night Stalker and his allies to kill him off.
Keeper of the Light icon
  • Keeper of the Light's Aghanim's Scepter upgrade loses much of its power, due to Night Stalker being able reduce the amount of day time by a lot.


  • Nightstalker is a natural ganker, so most position 5 supports are easy targets for him, like Lich minimap icon 巫妖, Crystal Maiden minimap icon 水晶室女, Lion minimap icon 莱恩, etc. They have low health and can do nothing to defend themselves while silenced.
  • Although Slark can dispel Nightstalker's slow and silence, Nightstalkers great night vision allows him to deactivate the passive speed and regen bonus from Shadow Dance more reliably. A well timed silence can also cause a quick death for Slark, since he does rely on his spells a lot.


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  • Reason
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  • Reason
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  • Reason


  • Storm Spirit
  • Phoenix
  • Nyx Assassin