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▶️ 人多好办事。


Bristleback icon
  • Bristleback outlanes Tiny completely, even with a support on his side.
    • The physical damage from quill-spray is especially effective against Tiny as he has 0 starting armor. Buying a ring of protection or other armor items may be imperative to survive the quills.
Enchantress icon
  • Due to his slow attack speed, it's nearly impossible for Tiny to hit Enchantress through her Untouchable icon 不可侵犯.
    • However, his magic burst damage can make quick work of Enchantress's relatively low hp pool.
  • Impetus icon 推进 will make quick work of TIny due to its Pure damage ignoring Craggy Exterior icon 崎岖外表 along with her ability to kite with Untouchable icon 不可侵犯 and Enchant icon 魅惑's Slow.
Lifestealer icon
  • With Rage icon 狂暴, Lifestealer ignores all of Tiny's combat abilities and overwhelms him with lifesteal.
Lion icon
  • Lion will continuously Mana Drain icon 法力吸取 Tiny, depleting him of mana if he ever comes close enough to last hit.
Necrophos icon
  • Reaper's Scythe icon 死神镰刀 makes Tiny's high health and tankiness completely worthless.
Viper icon
  • Viper's many slows and poisons make him the perfect ganking hero against Tiny.


  • Due to Tiny's low armor, Juggernaut minimap icon 主宰 deals surprisingly high damage to him with Omnislash icon 无敌斩.
  • Long ranged heroes like Sniper minimap icon 狙击手 or Drow Ranger minimap icon 卓尔游侠 can kite Tiny effectively if he doesn't get the jump on them first.
  • Heroes that are able to slow Tiny's Attack Speed, like Tusk minimap icon 巨牙海民 and Phoenix minimap icon 凤凰, will greatly limit his Physical damage output.


  • Black King Bar icon 黑皇杖 completely cancels Tiny's burst potential if the enemy quick enough to use it.
  • Diffusal Blade icon 净魂之刃 is very dangerous to Tiny due to his reliance on Mana for burst, combined with illusions such as Manta Style icon 幻影斧 or Mirror Image icon 镜像.
  • Desolator icon 黯灭 removes Tiny's already small amount of armor, making him very vulnerable to physical damage.
  • Assault Cuirass icon 强袭胸甲 reduces Tiny's low armor and makes the wearer more resistant to his high physical damage.
  • Rod of Atos icon 阿托斯之棍 slows Tiny to a crawl, jeopardizing his already weak chasing and escape skills.
  • Shiva's Guard icon 希瓦的守护 reduces Tiny's Attack Speed considerably with its active and grants the wearer a lot of armor, thereby reducing your physical damage by a lot.


Anti-Mage icon
Faceless Void icon
  • Craggy Exterior icon 崎岖外表 will continuously interrupt Faceless Void attacks, especially inside Chronosphere icon 时间结界, wasting his ultimate if he chooses to attack Tiny.
Legion Commander icon
Troll Warlord icon
Broodmother icon
  • Even if Tiny doesn't have an Aghanim's Scepter icon 阿哈利姆神杖, he can still lay waste to Spiderlings with ease with his active abilities. With Scepter, cleaving multiple Spiderlings at once becomes a breeze, making it much harder for Broodmother to push.


  • Tiny can deal with Visage minimap icon 维萨吉's Gravekeeper's Cloak icon 陵卫斗篷 quickly, as Avalanche icon 山崩 deals damage in enough instances to completely remove all 4 layers of the passive. With Visage's lower than average Magic Resistance and Armor, a well positioned stun can allow Tiny to kill Visage easily.
  • Squishy Heroes, usually supports, like Rubick minimap icon 拉比克, Lion minimap icon 莱恩, Io minimap icon 艾欧 and other tend to die instantly from Tiny minimap icon 小小 massacre combo.


Earthshaker icon
  • Earthshaker is a great hero to Toss icon 投掷 into fights ,where he can use Echo Slam icon 回音击 right away.
  • Earthshaker's many stuns also help keep enemies in place for Tiny to beat down.
Io icon
  • Tiny teams up particularly well with Io, due to Io's ultimate Relocate icon 降临 and the attack speed boost from Overcharge icon 过载, both very useful for ganking.
Magnus icon
Slardar icon
  • Slardar is a great hero to Toss icon 投掷 into fights, where he can stun the enemy he lands next to.
  • Corrosive Haze icon 侵蚀雾霭 will also allow Tiny to kill enemies in no time.
Tidehunter icon
  • Tidehunter is a great hero to Toss icon 投掷 into fights, where he can use Ravage icon 毁灭 right away.