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Timbersaw minimap icon 伐木机 is an armored brawler who relies on cutting down trees as a mechanic for rapid movement and dealing damage. In the early and mid stages of the game, Timbersaw can be surprisingly durable, staying in the fight and taking out multiple opponents even on the verge of death. His pure damage penetrates armor and magic resistance, making him deadly against all opponents. However, Timbersaw lacks any true disables, and must rely on his mobility to keep up with his enemies.
优点 缺点
  • Highly mobile.
  • High armor.
  • High HP regeneration
  • Deals pure damage.
  • High mana capacity.
  • No disables.
  • Entirely dependent on abilities to deal damage.
  • Low HP.
  • Very dependent on Bloodstone icon 血精石


Generic Timbersaw
Reactive Armor iconWhirling Death iconReactive Armor iconWhirling Death iconTimber Chain iconChakram iconTimber Chain iconTimber Chain iconWhirling Death iconTimber Chain iconChakram iconWhirling Death iconReactive Armor iconReactive Armor iconUnknown iconChakram icon


+1125 Timber Chain icon 伐木锯链距离25+10% Whirling Death icon 死亡旋风属性降低
+4% Chakram icon 锯齿飞轮减速20+16 Strength attribute symbol 力量
+6 Reactive Armor icon 活性护甲叠加和持续时间15+8% 技能增强
+1.5 魔法恢复10+200 生命
  • 生命天赋增加最大生命值,并且保持当前生命值百分比。

小贴士 & 技巧[]


  • One of Timbersaw's weaknesses is his lack of disabling spells; he suffers against heroes that excel at channeling spells to harm their opponents. In this case, equip him with an item that has a quick disable, like Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon Eul的神圣法杖.
  • Aside from escape, Timbersaw's skill set also makes for good chasing. Cut down trees that get in your way to widen your path and even prevent juking.
  • The trees summoned by Nature's Prophet minimap icon 先知 through Sprout icon 发芽 are still standard trees. As an enemy, you can easily cut them down to escape, or free allies who are trapped within it. As an ally, this can be used to your advantage when escaping (as Nature's Prophet can summon trees in a convenient location for you to use Timber Chain) or when fighting (Nature's Prophet can summon trees closer to you when no other tree is present, so that you can deal pure damage when casting Whirling Death).


Whirling Death icon 死亡旋风[]

  • Use Whirling Death during or right after Timber Chain to deal burst damage.
  • Try to use Whirling Death next to trees to deal pure damage.
  • The 15% primary attribute reduction from Whirling Death is particularly devastating to strength heroes, who will lose a large amount of HP from strength reduction, on top of damage taken.
    • This makes Whirling Death deceptively powerful against strength heroes, especially in the early game.
    • The attribute loss also hurts the opponent's ability to get last hits, so make sure to hit them with it whenever possible.
  • More tips needed.

Timber Chain icon 伐木锯链[]

  • Timber Chain gives Timbersaw tremendous mobility, and has a very low cooldown.
  • Use Timber Chain to chase or escape from enemies.
  • Use Timber Chain on trees across impassable terrain and elevations to pull Timbersaw past them.
  • Timber Chain makes Timbersaw one of the best tower divers, finishing off enemies and pulling himself out before taking much damage.
  • Timbersaw can use items like Shiva's Guard icon 希瓦的守护 while being pulled by Timber Chain.
  • Timber Chain will cause Timbersaw to suffer the effects of Mana Leak icon 法力流失 and Rupture icon 割裂. Do not use it when affected by those abilities unless absolutely necessary.
  • Positioning is important when dealing damage with Timber Chain. Move Timbersaw until the enemy is lined up in the middle, between Timbersaw and a target tree.
  • It takes a brief moment for Timber Chain to destroy the target tree, meaning that Whirling Death should be used to cut down the target tree just before it is destroyed in order to deal pure damage.
  • More tips needed.

Reactive Armor icon 活性护甲[]

  • An early point in Reactive Armor helps Timbersaw stay in lane.
  • Aside for tanking damage in team fights, Reactive Armor can also be used as a quick health regeneration boost. You can either visit the small creep camps since they do little damage and come in groups, or tank lane creeps when no enemy hero is present. As long as there are multiple targets attacking you in quick succession, the spell will stack faster, and you will be able to heal faster. Make sure you're receiving damage that is lesser than what you are able to regenerate. Purchasing a Stout Shield icon 圆盾 will allow Timbersaw to do this more effectively.
  • Beware sources of break such as Silver Edge icon 白银之锋, as it will disable Reactive Armor.
  • Don't be afraid to dive, as Reactive Armor will activate from tower hits.
  • More tips needed.

Chakram icon 锯齿飞轮[]

  • The Chakram travels somewhat slow, so make sure to predict your target's path and cast it ahead of time.
  • Use Chakram to slow down a fleeing enemy, or leave it behind to deter pursuers.
  • Use Chakram to cut down entire areas of trees. This has numerous functions.
    • To find enemies juking in the trees.
    • To destroy any potential Eyes In The Forest icon 丛林之眼.
    • To clear vision in order to spot potential ganks. This is especially useful when laning in the early game, and when attacking a tower.
  • If you are ready to gank in a side lane and are behind trees, use Chakram to destroy the trees in front of you, then use Timber Chain on the other side of the lane; after this, a well placed Whirling Death can almost ensure a kill in many situations.
  • When a hero is escaping through only one potential exit, use Chakram to block that path; if successful, the enemy hero will either be forced to run through the blade, losing health immensely and get slowed, or the enemy has to take another route.
    • To further slow the hero down, cast Whirling Death while the hero is in the middle of the Chakram.
  • Once the Chakram is deployed, position Timbersaw so that the Chakram will hit as many enemies as possible on its return path.
  • To lengthen the time an enemy spends in the Chakram, try to body block the enemy by standing directly in their path. You can easily get close to the enemy to do this if there is a tree nearby to Timber Chain to.
  • Chakram synergizes well with multi-target abilities that disable free movement, such as Black Hole icon 黑洞, Overgrowth icon 疯狂生长, or even Kinetic Field icon 动能力场.
  • Chakram works very well against heroes with long channeling abilities,such as Shadow Shaman minimap icon 暗影萨满 or Witch Doctor minimap icon 巫医. By casting Chakram while they are channeling, they either have to move and cancel their channeling, or stay and take damage.
  • Chakram can be used while Timbersaw is being pulled with Timber Chain.
  • More tips needed.


Starting items:

  • Stout Shield icon 圆盾 improves Rizzrack's survivability in the laning stage and can build into a Vanguard icon 先锋盾 later in the game.
  • Clarity icon 净化药水 potions can regain mana after Rizzrack has used a lot of spells.
  • Tango icon 树之祭祀es provide ample regeneration for Rizzrack in the early game, and can also be planted as trees to use in combination with his abilities.
  • Healing Salve icon 治疗药膏 helps Timbersaw stay in lane.
  • Iron Branch icon 铁树枝干es give a small boost to Rizzrack's attributes, and can build into a Magic Wand icon 魔杖 later in the game.

Early game:

  • Arcane Boots icon 奥术鞋 are the boots of choice for Rizzrack, as they boost his overall mana pool and provide him with a periodic increase of mana for both him and his team. He can disassemble them to use the Energy Booster for his Bloodstone.
  • Magic Wand icon 魔杖 is bought because of the increase to Timbersaw's attributes, and because of the useful health and mana restoration it provides.

Core items:

Situational items:

  • Scythe of Vyse icon 邪恶镰刀 allows Rizzrack to disable a single enemy hero, allowing both Rizzrack and his team to completely destroy the targeted hero.
  • Shiva's Guard icon 希瓦的守护 makes Rizzrack considerably more durable due to the large amount of armor it provides. The large amount of intelligence it provides is also very beneficial as Rizzrack requires a lot of mana and mana regeneration to do well. The active ability also helps Rizzrack kill his foes since the slow allows him to be more precise with all of his spells and it adds another nuke on top of that. Shiva's can also make Rizzrack a decent initiator.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon 阿哈利姆神杖 gives Timbersaw a second Chakram icon 锯齿飞轮, allowing him to scale much better into the late game with even higher damage output. However, the mana cost of a second Chakram icon 锯齿飞轮 will deplete his mana very quickly; therefore a mana item like Bloodstone icon 血精石 or Scythe of Vyse icon 邪恶镰刀 is mandatory before picking up this item.
  • Octarine Core icon 玲珑心 is very powerful item for Timbersaw because of his low-cooldown spells. Besides boost to HP and mana pools the spell lifesteal allows him to maintain his own HP pool from that damage and can make him almost unkillable.
  • Pipe of Insight icon 洞察烟斗 provides Rizzrack with a large boost to his magic resistance, which can be very good against a team that can output a large amount of magical damage. In addition, this item provides a nice amount of health regeneration.
  • Orchid Malevolence icon 紫怨 can be a good pickup if you are having issues with an enemy disabling, silencing, or blinking away from you. On top of the silence the item brings, it gives Timbersaw even more mana regen and bigger mana pool, as well as extra damage output with the burst at the end of the silence. In combination with a Blink Dagger, Timbersaw becomes incredibly fearsome and can punish anyone out of position with ease.
  • Rod of Atos icon 阿托斯之棍 synergizes very well with Timbersaw, since the increased Intelligence attribute symbol 智力 will allow him to cast more spells which deal more damage and the health will increase his survivability. The slow from Atos will assist in landing Timbersaw's spells, and the combined with Chakram's slow, it almost always reduces an enemy's movement speed to minimum.
  • Cloak icon 抗魔斗篷 can be an underrated early game item on Timbersaw, since his biggest weakness before he gets big items are disables and magical damage. With a casual Cloak and Reactive Armor, Timbersaw is very difficult to kill in the early and mid game.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon 恐鳌之心 makes Rizzrack very tanky, as it provides a whopping 1060 additional health. The passive Health Regeneration is also very beneficial for Rizzrack as it means he can use Timber Chain icon 伐木锯链 to escape his enemies, and then he can gradually regenerate his health back up to full after this.
  • Blade Mail icon 刃甲 allows Rizzrack to use the damage of his enemies against them. It also provides him with a small amount of intelligence, armor and 22 attack damage.