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Zealot Scarabs
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Zealot Scarabs are a race of telepathic, eusocial insects. Much of what is known about them comes from a single ancient tome in the Ultimyr Archives. Their name is a reference to their fervent worship of Nyx, their queen, whom they regard as a goddess.[1]


Zealot scarabs hatch from eggs as grubs, and undergo metamorphosis to become adults. Fully grown zealot scarabs are covered by a chitinous exoskeleton, with an elevated thorax that leads to an upright head.[2] While their carapaces are relatively thin, each scarab possess retractable spikes to deter attackers.[3] Zealot scarabs have eight appendages, six of which are walking legs, with the two frontal appendages acting as manipulators. Two elongated mandibles jut out from under two eyes, sometimes with teeth.[4] Some zealot scarabs have a stinger that protrudes from their abdomen, capable of killing prey.[5]


All Zealot Scarabs are telepathic, and live in communal colonies. All scarabs have intimate knowledge of their underground tunnels, and share them among each other.[1] The hive experiences regular "cyclings", although what this entails is unknown.[6]


As with other social insects, grubs undergo differing metamorphoses depending on their designated caste, with each caste being physically different to suit their tasks. Some castes are known for digging small burrows, where they lie in wait for potential prey.[7] Not counting the queen, there are a total of four castes. Higher caste zealot scarabs are known to make use of armor and metallic claw extensions.

The Queen Goddess[]

The Zealot Scarabs are ruled by their Nyx, their queen goddess, who lives in a special chamber, possibly in the Hidden Hive. She secretes a special substance, which she uses to anoint a single chosen grub, triggering a unique metamorphosis. Not all chosen grubs survive this process. The one that does becomes the Nyx Assassin, whose purpose is to fulfill Nyx's highest calling–killing in the name of his queen.[1] The motives behind Nyx's assassination orders are unknown.

The Reproductive Caste[]

Little is known of the reproductive caste, or how its members relate to the queen.[8]

The Soldier Caste[]

Nothing is known of the soldier caste.

The Worker Caste[]

The worker caste is the base unit of the colony. Workers are inundated with "plodding thoughts" of duty, likely controlled by the queen.[1]

The Assassin Caste[]

The Nyx Assassin is considered a separate caste unto himself. It is the fourth and highest caste, after the queen, and consists of only one member.[9] There is always at least one living Nyx Assassin.[10] The Nyx Assassin was described by the tome in the Ultimyr Archives, which noted his extraordinary telepathic powers.[1]

Unlike the other scarabs, the Nyx Assassin has an exceptionally sharp mind, and is able to eat away at the minds of lesser beings.[11] With this latent telepathy, the Nyx Assassin can project his thoughts into those around him, as well as hear the thoughts of others.[12] He is larger, with sharper foreclaws and toothed mandibles. After being blessed by his queen, the Nyx Assassin acquired strange new energies.[13] Like other zealot scarabs, the Nyx Assassin can burrow into the earth, often deeper down than his brethren.[14]

New Nyx Assassins are given a special set of claw armor when he completes his first assignment.[15] For every three kills he makes, he is granted a ceremonial horn. He must continue to complete assassinations in order to keep this horn.[16]

The Hidden Hive[]

A special colony called the Hidden Hive is reserved for Nyx and her assassin, as well as unnamed others. When a new Nyx Assassin is chosen, he is sent to the Hidden Hive for confirmation.[17] Here, ceremonies are performed, armor is bestowed, and the queen shares her schemes with her underlings.[18]


Nyx and the zealot scarabs may have some knowledge of alchemy. Special alchemical compounds were used to help the current Nyx Assassin grow magic-resistant shell after seven seasons of molting.[19]

The Sacred Orb[]

Once every thousand cyclings of the hive, Nyx grants her chosen assassin the Sacred Orb, which confers great powers. The molting required to incorporate the orb into the exoskeleton is exceptionally painful.[20]


Black Arachnia has caught and eaten several zealot scarabs.[21]

Abaddon has an unclear rivalry with Nyx, and has defeated several Nyx Assassins in the past.[22]


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