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Zotac icon small.png ZOTAC Cup Masters
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Taiwan Taipei
The ZOTAC CUP MASTERS is a grand stage where only the best pro teams push their limits in skill to rise to the top all while the world watches.
Start Date:30 May 2017
End Date:3 June 2017
Venue:Nangang Exhibition Center
Prize Pool:$100,000

ZOTAC Cup Masters will be held in Taipei from May 13th to June 3rd 2017.[1]


Date Event Notes
May 30 - 31 Group Stage
  • Two groups with four teams each.
  • Best-of-one matches; losers match is best-of-three.
  • The top seed of each group advances to the semi-finals.
  • 2nd and 3rd seed of each group advance to the quarter-finals.
June 1 - 3 Playoffs
  • Best-of-three single-elimination
  • Best-of-five grand finals.


Team NP
Team NP
Canada EternaLEnVy
Germany FATA-
United States MSS
Canada Aui_2000
Sweden pieliedie
Direct Invite
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Team logo NewBee.png
China Moogy
China Sccc
Australia kpii
China Faith
China Kaka
Direct Invite
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Danish Bears
Danish Bears
Denmark Ace
United States 747
Denmark HeStEJoE-R…
Denmark NoiA
Denmark Ryze
European Qualifier #1
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Team Singularity
Singularity Esports
Poland Exotic_Deer
Poland Nisha
Poland Patos
Poland eL lisasH
Poland kacor
European Qualifier #2
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Digital Chaos1 2
Digital Chaos
United States mason
Philippines Abed
South Korea Forev
United States BuLba
South Korea DuBu
Americas Qualifier
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Team logo Fnatic.png
Malaysia Ahjit
South Korea QO
Malaysia Ohaiyo
Philippines DJ
South Korea Febby
SEA Qualifier #1
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Malaysia ChYuan
Malaysia NaNa
Malaysia Wenn
Malaysia KaNG
Malaysia xNova-
SEA Qualifier #2
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iG Vitality3 4
iG Vitality
Malaysia KYxY
China Sakata
China InJuly
China super
China dogf1ghts
China Qualifier
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1 is GG is GG was picked up by Team Freedom Team Freedom.
2 Team Freedom Team Freedom were replaced by Digital Chaos Digital Chaos.[2]
3 Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming were replaced by iG Vitality iG Vitality.[3]
4 iG Vitality iG Vitality play with kYxY instead of Paparazi灬 due to visa issues.


Group Stage[edit]

Group A
1. Newbee Newbee 2 0
2. iG Vitality iG Vitality 1 1
3. Digital Chaos Digital Chaos 1 1
4. WarriorsGaming.Unity WarriorsGaming.Unity 0 2
Group B
1. Team NP Team NP 2 0
2. Fnatic Fnatic 1 1
3. Danish Bears Danish Bears 1 1
4. Singularity Esports Singularity Esports 0 2


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Newbee Newbee 2
  Fnatic Fnatic 2
  Fnatic Fnatic 1
  Digital Chaos Digital Chaos 1
  Newbee Newbee 3
  Team NP Team NP 1
  Team NP Team NP 2
  iG Vitality iG Vitality 2
  iG Vitality iG Vitality 0
  Danish Bears Danish Bears 0

Prize Allocation[edit]

Final Prize Pool: $100,000 USD
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  Newbee Newbee $50,000 50%
A22nd  Team NP Team NP $20,000 20%
A33rd - 4th  iG Vitality iG Vitality $7,000 7%
A33rd - 4th  Fnatic Fnatic $7,000 7%
A55th - 6th  Digital Chaos Digital Chaos $5,000 5%
A55th - 6th  Danish Bears Danish Bears $5,000 5%
A77th - 8th  WarriorsGaming.Unity WarriorsGaming.Unity $3,000 3%
A77th - 8th  Singularity Esports Singularity Esports $3,000 3%


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