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This article is about the character from Dota 2 lore. For the cosmetic item, see Yulsaria's Glacier.
Associated With
Heroes Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden
Places Icewrack
Blueheart Glacier
Characters Slyrak
Species Golems
Cosmetics Yulsaria's Glacier
Yulsaria's Mantle

Yulsaria the Frozen Witch was a powerful sorceress who reigned long ago in the frozen realm of Icewrack. She was a wrathful ruler, known to summon blizzards and hail storms on any who displeased her.[1]


Yulsaria's empire was guarded by an army of ice golems, who destroyed any source of warmth in Icewrack. Seeking to expand her dominion, Yulsaria ordered her golems to march southwards to conquer to new lands. This movement caught the attention of the Eldwurm Slyrak, who was greatly angered by the northern invasion. In response, he melted the army of ice golems with his flame breath, and proceeded north to conquer Yulsaria's empire itself.[1]


Long after her death, Yulsaria's glistening crystal crown was uncovered from the shifting ice, the final remnant of her empire. It was formed from numerous crystals in a wreathe, with the largest and brightest shard placed in the middle. The crown eventually come into Rylai's possession, who wears it into battle.[1] Soon after, Yulsaria's frosty mantle was also found, and is now in Rylai's collection.[2]


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