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Wyrm Helm of Uldorak
Cosmetic icon Wyrm Helm of Uldorak.png
Wearable 4114
Dragon Knight icon.png
Dragon Knight
Rarity: Common
Slot: Head

Many years before his fateful encounter with the Eldwurm, the Dragon Knight battled with and slew the Time-Dragon Uldorak. The much relieved and newly crowned King Tansis XIII ordered this helm forged as a gift and reward.
Created By
Uldorak's Hide Set
Wyrm Helm of Uldorak
Wyrm Bracers of Uldorak
Wyrm Skirt of Uldorak
Wyrm Pauldron of Uldorak
Wyrm Shield of Uldorak

Set Items

Wyrm Helm of Uldorak
Wyrm Helm of Uldorak