Wynchell the Wyrmeleon

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Wynchell the Wyrmeleon
Cosmetic icon Wynchell the Wyrmeleon.png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Courier

Is it a clever chameleon pretending to be a powerful Wyrm, or a celebrated Wyrm trying to pass itself off as an anonymous chameleon? Truly, the dimensions have begun to spill into each other, and nothing may be taken for granted.
Created By

This courier comes in Genuine quality with purchase of the The Premier League Season Four ticket. The ticket has been removed from the Dota 2 Store due to several management scandals.[1]

It has an ambient effect that increases in strength according to the number of The Premier League Season Four games or replays watched. This number is tracked on the Spectator Gem that comes with it.


Full Effect (100+ Games Watched)