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Wrath of the Mo'rokai was a game mode only available to owners of The International 2019 Battle Pass. Two teams must empower their Mo'rokai, who in turns helps them destroy the enemy's ancient.


  • Like a normal game mode, players win by destroying the enemy ancient, but with the help of a special creep—the Mo'rokai.
  • The Mo'rokai must be fed essences to grow and gain powerful new abilities.


  • Essences are needed to level up the Mo'rokai and learn new skills.
  • Essence are acquired by:
    • Killing creeps and enemy heroes that have an indicator Mo'rokai Essence 1 Indicator over their heads. Larger indicators means the unit is carrying more essences.
    • Attacking chests that spawn randomly on the map.
    • Killing Roshan.
    • Destroying buildings.
  • Players holding 25 essences will be given a damage buff.
  • Players drop ~50% of their essences upon dying.
  • Essences disappear after ten seconds if not picked up.
Model Amount
Mo'rokai Essence 1 1 Essence
Mo'rokai Essence 1 5 Essences
Mo'rokai Essence 1 10 Essences
Mo'rokai Essence 1 50 Essences


  • Treasure chests appear randomly on the map. Locations are indicated by a minimap ping 20 seconds before they spawn, plus a slowly shrinking ring of sparks.
  • Hit the chest to open it.
  • Battle Point rewards are split between all team members.
  • If not picked up, Battle Points will be split between both teams.
Type Contents
Wrath of the Mo'rokai Chest
Essence Treasure
  • Mo'rokai Essence 1 Indicator Essences
Wrath of the Mo'rokai Chest Rare
Rare Treasure
  • Mo'rokai Essence 1 Indicator Essences
  • 125 Battle Points
  • 250 Battle Points
  • 500 Battle Points
  • 2000 Battle Points
  • 5000 Battle Points


Lore Mo'rokai
  • The Mo'rokai cannot be controlled. It will automatically move down a random lane every 5 minutes.
    • One team's Mo'rokai will move first, followed by the other team's after 90 seconds.
    • The Mo'rokai is indicated on the minimap with the Mo'rokai minimap icon icon.
    • The Mo'rokai spawns with a duration of 2:30, and will teleport back to its fountain when this time has elapsed. It takes 3 seconds for this teleport cast to complete.
  • The Mo'rokai gains 175 health for every skill point it has. It has a flat 500 mana, although it will never use this.
  • The Mo'rokai has a melee attack that stuns in an AoE (with a cooldown of around 4 seconds), and a ranged attack in the form of a projectile.
  • The Mo'rokai moves faster when team members are nearby.
  • The Mo'rokai drops bags of gold as it moves, each worth around Gold 50 gold.
    • The Mo'rokai drops bags of gold for each creep it kills, awarding the amount of gold a hero would have acquired should it have got the last hit on that creep.
  • The Mo'rokai will automatically use ?? ability when ??.
  • The Mo'rokai will only use abilities when enemy heroes are within range of those abilities.
  • The Mo'rokai will initiate with Wild Conjuration. It will then cast either Cyclone or Eruption once the full duration of Wild Conjuration has been completed.
    • The Mo'rokai casts Cyclone after Wild Conjuration when ??, and Eruption after Wild Conjuration when ??.
  • The Mo'rokai will prioritize the nearest enemy to attack (?).
  • If the Mo'rokai dies, it will return to its fountain for 5 minutes, then attack a new lane.
  • The Mo'rokai cannot cast any abilities, including its auto-cast AOE stun, if it is silenced. This effectively renders it useless, although it will often move while silenced.
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Three branches of skills can be acquired for the Mo'rokai by feeding it essences.

Mo'rokai Skilltree Spirit Spirit[]

Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 1 Mo'rokai Movement
The Mo'rokai gains 50 movement speed.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 2 Living Structures Provides 5 passive regeneration to all allied structures.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 3 Mo'rokai Spell Lifesteal The Mo'rokai heals 30% of all damage dealt from spells.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 4 Wild Conjuration The Mo'rokai creates 3 rotating Heal Beams (850 range, 20 heal per second) that transform trees into allied Spirit Warriors
with 325 health and 33 attack damage.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 5 Treacherous Trees Provides a chance to create a row of trees behind an enemy on each attack. Lasts 2 seconds.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 6 Wild Conjuration
Bonus Healing
The Mo'rokai's Wild Conjuration Beams gain +20 heal per second.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 7 Mo'rokai Evasion The Mo'rokai has a 30% chance to evade incoming attacks.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 8 Mo'rokai Stronger
Spirit Warriors
The Mo'rokai's Wild Conjuration summons Spirit Guardians with ~750 health and ~64 attack damage.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 9 Mo'rokai Health The Mo'rokai gains 800 Health.
Mo'rokai Skill Spirit 10 Wild Conjuration
Extra Beams
The Mo'rokai's Wild Conjuration gains 2 additional Heal Beams.

Mo'rokai Skilltree Wrath Wrath[]

Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 1 Mo'rokai Damage The Mo'rokai's Melee and Range attacks deal +40 damage.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 2 Obsidian Shield Provides a 25% chance to block 25% of incoming physical damage.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 3 Mo'rokai Health Regen The Mo'rokai regenerates 12 health per second.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 4 Eruption Sends up an eruption towards the enemy position, knocking back and dealing 350 damage to affected units.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 5 Volcanic Cleave Melee heroes have a 20% chance to strike targets in an 175 AoE after an attack.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 6 Eruption Splinter The Mo'rokai's Eruption splits into 6 additional stones around the target.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 7 Mo'rokai Melee Attack
Stun Duration
The Mo'rokai's Melee Attacks gain 1 second stun duration.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 8 Eruption Bonus Damage The Mo'rokai's Eruption gains 500 bonus damage.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 9 Mo'rokai Armor The Mo'rokai gains 20 armor.
Mo'rokai Skill Wrath 10 Eruption Multitarget The Mo'rokai's Eruption targets an additional enemy with each cast.

Mo'rokai Skilltree Storm Storm[]

Mo'rokai Skill Storm 1 Mo'rokai Cooldown
The Mo'rokai has 15% cooldown reduction on its attacks and spells.
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 2 Rainwater Rejuvenation Grants heroes 6 health and 4 mana per second when they are in the river or near one of their shrines.
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 3 Mo'rokai Magic
The Mo'rokai takes 15% less damage from Magic attacks.
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 4 Cyclone Creates a slew of cyclones that stuns for 2 seconds and disorient enemies, dealing 25 damage every second.
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 5 Stormcasting Provides a 25% chance to cast an additional targeted spell. 14 second cooldown.
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 6 Cyclone Bonus Damage The Mo'rokai's Cyclones deal +50 damage per second.
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 7 Mo'rokai Ranged
Attack Explosion
The Mo'rokai's Ranged Attack Explodes, dealing damage in a 250 Area of Effect.
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 8 Cyclone Debuff Duration The Mo'rokai's Cyclones gain 2 seconds of stun on impact
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 9 Mo'rokai Spell
The Mo'rokai's abilities deal 20% more damage.
Mo'rokai Skill Storm 10 Cyclone Extra Cyclones The Mo'rokai's Cyclones +6 cyclones created.


  • The Mo'rokai has two default items.
    • Stylish Mo'rokai Boots: The Mo'rokai will use this to escape back to its fountain when its duration has elapsed.
    • Trendy Mo'rokai Armor: Cosmetic. (May have a use, but none explained on the tooltip.)


  • Wrath of the Mo'rokai is mostly the same as a normal game mode. Keep this in mind when picking heroes.
    • Melee heroes can instantly pick up essences due to their proximity to the target and benefit from the 20% cleave chance from the Wrath tree.
    • Heroes that often go invisible can slide through the crowd to collect essence and gold bags without the enemy's knowledge.
    • Heroes that cast targeted spells can gain a 15% multicast chance from the Storm tree.
    • Ranged heroes can hide behind or in the Mo'rokai's spell and attack range easier.
    • Heroes or items with a Silence ability can prevent the Mo'rokai from using any attacks, making it easier to fight into.
  • Fighting alongside the Mo'rokai provides a significant advantage in pushing and teamfighting.
    • Check the countdown clock to time pushes alongside the Mo'rokai.
    • The Mo'rokai periodically drops bags of gold and moves faster in the presence of a hero. Sending one hero to escort the Mo'rokai to the front lines as soon as it becomes active may be beneficial.
  • Several of the Mo'rokai's abilities are more notable than others:
    • The active spells from the 4th upgrade in each tree: Wild Conjuration/Eruption/Cyclone. Cyclone may well be the best, Eruption becomes much better with further upgrades.
    • The 5th upgrade from the Wrath and Storm trees: Volcanic Cleave/Stormcasting.
    • The first two upgrades in the Spirit tree: Mo'rokai +50 movement speed and 5 regeneration to all structures respectively.
    • The 7th and 9th upgrades in the Spirit tree: Mo'rokai Evasion 30% and +800 health respectively.
    • The Wrath tree abilities after 5th mostly make Eruption much stronger, but the 7th grants the Mo'rokai's melee attacks a 1 second stun duration.
    • The 8th upgrade from the Storm tree: upgrades the the Cyclone's stun duration from 2 seconds to 4.
  • Enemies can see you when you attack an essence chest. Make sure there are none nearby before you attack it to ensure your safety.
    • Alternatively, let a ranged enemy attack the chest and gank them before they have the chance to collect the essence.
  • All Buildings, including Shrines, drop essence. Some Neutral creeps have essence too, indicated by the orb over their heads. Use these sources to safely top off your essence meter before contributing to the Mo'rokai.
    • Spawn of neutral creeps can also be created with essence. This includes Shard Golems, and Skeleton Warriors. Consider spawning some of these to maximize safe essence gain.
  • Players gain additional damage when they have high levels of essence. This is useful when your Mo'rokai is maxed out, but you should prioritize contributing to the Mo'rokai.
Essence held Bonus damage
0-24 0
25-99 20
100-199 80
200+ 100
  • Players are capped to 500 essence. In the late-game once you're at the cap, consider allowing a teammate to collect that essence to increase their damage.
  • Collecting essence when at maximum regenerates 1 health and mana per essence gathered, making essence gathering ever so slightly useful in the late game.
  • Check other units buffs to see exactly how much essence they are carrying. Consider prioritizing killing enemy heroes with more essence, or those close to reaching their threshold, to slow their progress down.
  • Tips needed.
  • Tips needed.


Criteria Reward
Win a game 300 Battle Points
Win a game with bonus active 1000 Battle Points
Win 50 games
Lose a game 100 Battle Points

Caps and Bonuses[]

  • There is a cap on how many Battle Points a player can win in a week. This cap can be increased by leveling the Battle Pass.
  • Each week, players have a chance to earn 1000 Battle Points by winning a game, instead of the usual 300. The number of these bonus games can be increased by leveling the Battle Pass.
Battle Pass Level Bonus Games Battle Point Cap
1 1 2000
150 2 3000
252 3 4000

Wagering and Tipping[]

  • Players can wager and tip Battle Points just like regular matchmaking games.


Name Activity Battle Points
JUST THE ESSENCE-TIALS Gather 1,000 Mo'rokai Essence 250
ESSENCE HUNTER Gather 10,000 Mo'rokai Essence 750
A SIXTH SENSE FOR ESSENCE Gather 100,000 Mo'rokai Essence 2000
FITTING TRIBUTE Win 1 game of Wrath of The Mo'rokai 250
MO'ROKAI MASTERY Win 10 games of Wrath of the Mo'rokai 1000
MY BEAST FRIEND Win 50 games of Wrath of the Mo'rokai 3000

Announcer lines[]

Lore Dark Willow Mo'rokai

Mireska Sunbreeze, the Dark Willow announces events throughout the match.

  • Work in progress.


Deep in the jungles of Fellstrath, the ruins of an ancient civilization lie hidden beneath tangled canopy and creeping vine. Drawn here in search of fabled relics, 20px|link=Dark Willow|class=noprint Dark Willow has opened the way for others to follow. Now the Mo'rokai—two mythic beasts of yore dormant for centuries―have been roused from slumber by those who trespass upon their lands. As the Mo'rokai reclaim their strength, they'll join the march upon the enemy Ancient, eager to battle anything in their way.