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Wraith King's Favor
Cosmetic icon Wraith King's Favor.png
Rarity: Rare
Slot: N/A

Use this item to earn Shining Fragments in Wraith-Night. Shining Fragments can be redemeed for Wraith-Night Ossuaries. Starts with 500 minutes that are only consumed when you play Wraith-Night and will grant a 10% stackable bonus to each of your cohorts. Features like spectating games or coaching do not deplete them.
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This item increased the amount of Phantom Fragments and Shining Fragments earned by 100% during Frostivus 2013. It also granted other players a 10% stacking bonus.

After the event, remaining copies of this item were converted into Converted Wraith King's Favor, which functioned the same way as a 180% Battle Point Booster (500 minutes), with any leftover time from Wraith-Night carrying over to regular matchmaking.

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