Wolfsden Tavern

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Wolfsden Tavern
Associated with
Heroes:Tusk minimap icon.png Tusk
Bristleback minimap icon.png Bristleback
Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden
Species:Icewrack Wolf
Cosmetics:Ancestor's Frozen Axe
Wolfsden Tavern

Wolfsden Tavern is a tavern, where a legendary fight took place between Tusk minimap icon.png Tusk and Bristleback minimap icon.png Bristleback.[1] It may have been named after the Icewrack wolf.

Rylai has a hat from the tavern.[2]


The tavern's location is unclear.

  • Given Bristleback's usual haunt, it could be one of many taverns on the road between Slom and Elze.[3]
  • Yzir crafted the Ancestor's Frozen Axe out of the "mountains of Wolfsden Tavern", perhaps hinting that the tavern was a cave or wolf's den within a mountain.[4]


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