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Additional Information[]

Rune of Wisdom prev
  • Wisdom Rune minimap icon Wisdom Rune
    • Wisdom Runes start spawning at the 7:00 minute mark, and then every 7 minutes (14:00, 21:00, 28:00, etc.)
    • They spawn at their dedicated Wisdom Rune spots at the left and right edges of the map.
    • Wisdom Runes never despawn. If they are not picked up before the next ones spawn, the new runes spawn next to the old ones.


No Target
Grants bonus XP.
Max Affected Heroes: 2
Base Experience: 280
Experience Increase per Interval: 280
Increase Interval: 420
Turbo Mode Experience Multiplier: 2.2

  • Grants experience to the hero that activates the Rune, as well as the hero with the lowest experience in the team.
    • If the hero with the lowest experience picks up the rune, the experience is also granted to the hero with the second lowest experience.
    • The level-up particle effect appears on the heroes, visible to everyone, while an ally-only overhead text displays the amount of granted experience.
  • Activating a Bottle icon Stored Wisdom Rune grants experience based on the time at which it is activated.

Total Experience[]

Time (min) Experience
7 280XP
14 560XP
21 840XP
28 1120XP
35 1400XP
42 1680XP
49 1960XP
56 2240XP
63 2520XP
70 2800XP
77 3080XP
84 3360XP
91 3640XP
98 3920XP
105 4200XP
112 4480XP
119 4760XP
126 5040XP
133 5320XP
140 5600XP