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Created:2018-06-10 2022-03-24
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Manager(s):Georgia Georgia Luka Nasuashvili
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Winstrike Team is a Russian organization with teams in CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch and Fortnite.


  • June 20th - Winstrike Team signs the FlyToMoon roster.[1]
  • October 1st - Nofear is benched.[2]

  • January 23rd - Winstrike Team announces that ALWAYSWANNAFLY is leaving the team and will be replaced by Misha. Additionally, Artstyle is brought on as a coach.[3]
  • January 30th - yamich is promoted to the active squad.[4]
  • March 19th - Iceberg, yamich, Misha and coach Artstyle leave the team. They are replaced by DM, MiLAN and dnz.[5]
  • April 11th - DM, MiLAN and dnz leave the team.[6]
  • May 12th - Lil and Nofear join the team.[7]
  • May 15th - Cooman completes the team's roster.[8]
  • June 6th - Sh4dowehhh returns.[9]
  • August 14th - Silent is removed from the active roster. He will remain on the team as substitute.[10]
  • September 9th - Iceberg returns.[11]
  • September 24th - Sh4dowehhh leaves the team.[12]
  • September 28th - Iceberg and nongrata leave the team.[13]
  • October 16th - Cooman, Lil and Nofear are benched. ArsZeeqq joins the team as a coach and will be in charge of assembling a new roster.[14]
  • November 28th - A new roster is announced.[15]
  • December 19th - Daxak and mellojul are moved out of the active roster.[16]

  • January 27th - mellojul leaves to join Nemiga Gaming.[17]
  • January 31st - Daxak leaves to join Ninjas in Pyjamas.[18]
  • February 19th - The team is disbanded due to unsatisfactory results.[19]
  • February 20th - Winstrike Team announces a new roster consisting of the former Modus Unity squad.[20]
  • June 26th - young G joins Natus Vincere.[21]
  • July 20th - чикиряу, [T]SA and kickeed are benched. agressive child, re1bl, Dukalis and coach Ahilles join the team. yamich joins the team on loan from Khan.[22]
  • October 7th - [T]SA leaves to join Ensis Academy.[23]
  • October 27th - kickeed leaves to join NOVA.[24]

  • January 4th - agressive child, DkFogas and Dukalis leave the team. Pantomem, chshrct and dyrachyo join the team while yamich becomes a full member.[25]

  • Roster[]


    Template error: Use {{FormerPlayers}} instead of {{CurrentRoster}} for disbanded teams.

    ID Name Position Join Date
    Russia dyrachyo Anton Shkredov 1 2021-01-04
    Russia re1bl Maxim Afanasyev 2 2020-07-20
    Belarus chshrct Yauheni Kastrama 3 2021-01-04
    Russia yamich Daniyal Lazebnyy 4 2021-01-04
    Belarus Pantomem Nikita Balaganin 5 2021-01-04


    Inactive Players
    ID Name Position Join Date Inactive Date Active Team
    Romania чикиряу Captain Stanislav Yarosevich 1 2020-02-20 2020-07-20


    The International 2018 Squad
    ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
    Russia Silent Airat Gaziev 1 2018-06-20 ?
    Ukraine Iceberg Bogdan Vasilenko 2 2018-06-20 2018-08-23 FlyToMoon FlyToMoon
    Russia nongrata Alexey Vasilev 3 2018-06-20 ?
    Russia Nofear Aleksander Churochkin 4 2018-06-20 2018-08-23 FlyToMoon FlyToMoon
    Ukraine ALWAYSWANNAFLY Andrey Bondarenko 5 2018-06-20 2019-01-23 FlyToMoon FlyToMoon


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