Wightfall Invasion

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Wightfall Invasion
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Heroes:Mars minimap icon.png Mars

The Wightfall Invasion was a war fought by Mars minimap icon.png Mars. Nothing else is known about it.[1]


  1. Mars response: ▶️ Where have all the good wars gone? The Stygian Conquests, the Wightfall Invasion... the centuries-long campaigns against the the forces of the Continuum... Battles that mattered, had consequence. In the final push against Sheragndar, I didn't halt the song of my spear for the full cycle of an Ultorian moon. The bodies in my wake, enough to fill mortal worlds! Hmmmm. It's not like today. Today's war is...tedium. The same fight in a different trench. Each stake smaller than the last. But there's a great war left out there somewhere... I'll do whatever it takes to find it.