Western Forests

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Western Forests
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Heroes:Windranger minimap icon.png Windranger
Sun Vine
Gilded Falcon
Cosmetics:Bow of the Oyoloe
Bow of the Sun Vine

The Western Forests is a large wooded area. Its precise location in the Dota 2 world is unknown. Frequent storms occur over the forest.


Humans live in villages within the forest. Lyralei is from one such village, Zaru'Kina, until it was destroyed by a violent storm. The spirit of wind also resides in the woods.


The rare, green Oyoloe lives in the forest, and is sometimes hunted by its human inhabitants.[1] Gilded Falcon make their nests in the forests, and are worshipped by the natives.[2]


Some trees in the forest are extremely old, and massive enough to reach the rainclouds. Such trees are used to craft exceptional bows.[3] The forest is also home to ancient Bloodwood trees.

Delicate Sun Vines also grow in the forest, and are known for their deadly poison.[4]


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