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Western Forests
Associated With
Heroes Windranger minimap icon.png Windranger
Places Zaru'Kina
Species Oyoloe
Sun Vine
Gilded Falcon
Cosmetics Bow of the Oyoloe
Bow of the Sun Vine

The Western Forests is a large wooded area. Its precise location in the Dota 2 world is unknown. Frequent storms occur over the forest.


Humans live in villages within the forest. Lyralei is from one such village, Zaru'Kina, until it was destroyed by a violent storm. The spirit of wind also resides in the woods.


The rare, green Oyoloe lives in the forest, and is sometimes hunted by its human inhabitants.[1] Gilded Falcon make their nests in the forests, and are worshipped by the natives.[2]


Some trees in the forest are extremely old, and massive enough to reach the rainclouds. Such trees are used to craft exceptional bows.[3] The forest is also home to ancient Bloodwood trees.

Delicate Sun Vines also grow in the forest, and are known for their deadly poison.[4]


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