Weeping Rose

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Weeping Rose
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Heroes:Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Lion minimap icon.png Lion
Factions:The Quorum

Weeping Rose is a highly secure trading nexus. It may be a marketplace or a bank, or both. The Quorum rules over Weeping Rose, and are known to grant gifts and favors for a price. Valuable goods are sold at Weeping Rose, including rare books and possibly even gorgons.[1]


Mireska has been to Weeping Rose, but was kicked out for reasons unknown.[2] She now endeavors to return and rob Weeping Rose.[3]

Lion is seeking harbor in Weeping Rose, and wishes to appeal to the Quorum to grant him asylum. Why he wants this is unknown. Donte Panlin warns him that the Quorum does not give things away for nothing.[4]


  1. Dark Willow response: ▶️ I heard the rumor there are some gorgons being moved through Weeping Rose.
  2. Dark Willow response: ▶️ Not many people can say they've been kicked out Weeping Rose, but I am an exceptional talent.
  3. Dark Willow response: ▶️ I'd love to pick your brain on how to rob Weeping Rose.
  4. Pangolier response: ▶️ I know you seek harbor in Weeping Rose, but be careful... all of the Quorum's gifts have strings attached.