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Weavers are insect-like beings tasked with maintaining and repairing the fabric of reality, keeping it tight and preventing it from fading. They also defend from unspecified creatures that gnaw and lay their eggs in the fabric, preventing their young from devouring the entire universe. Each Weaver is assigned a portion of the universe, which they must look after. Weavers refer to the means of creation as the Loom. The fabric they weave is believed to be connected to fate.

Weavers have antennae and sensory organs that allow them to detect changes in the fabric of reality.[1] The longer their antennae, the more able they are to weave reality.[2]

The best known Weaver is Skitskurr. Bored with merely maintaining the universe, Skitskurr wanted to create new realities. His ambitions soon caught the attention of the universe's guardians, who cut off his part of the tapestry, and cast him out. Separated from the other Weavers, Skitskuur now seeks to weave a new reality of his own.[3]


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