Weather Moonbeam

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Weather Moonbeam
Cosmetic icon Weather Moonbeam.png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Weather

This item cannot be listed on the Steam Community Market.
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This article is about the weather effect cosmetic item. For other uses of "moon", see Moon (Disambiguation).

Weather Moonbeam is a cosmetic item that changes the weather on the Dota 2 map to a moonlit purple night, with moonbeams and mystical sparkles all over the land. It is given out in Genuine quality to players that own The International Compendium 2014.


The soundscape of weather effects is layered on top of the ambient sounds of the Terrains.

Criteria Sounds


Default Terrain
Spring Terrain
Summer Terrain
Autumn Terrain
Winter Terrain
Desert Terrain
Immortal Gardens
The King's New Journey
Reef's Edge
The Emerald Abyss
Overgrown Empire
Sanctums of the Divine