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Bad against...[]

Bane icon.png
Bloodseeker icon.png
  • Rupture will fully damage Void Spirit during his ultimate, removing his main escape mechanic during fights and his way to disrupt them heavily.
  • Blood Rite will force Void Spirit to use Dissimilate or Astral Step or be silenced. In the latter's case, it can be dangerous when combined with Rupture.
Death Prophet icon.png
Bounty Hunter icon.png
  • One hit with Jinada should be sufficient in removing Void Spirit's shield most of the time.
  • Track negates much of Void Spirit's escape abilities by revealing his position and prevents him from rotating effectively.
Doom icon.png
  • Doom is effective against every hero, and Void Spirit is no exception. Being unable to cast spells or items during fights for 16 seconds nullifies his impact entirely.
  • Doom has a very versatile build and can consume creeps which has abilities that can stun or provide additional magic resistance.
  • Doom's high strength gain and versatility in items can be effective against Void Spirit's magical damage.
Ember Spirit icon.png
  • Ember Spirit has much higher mobility in Fire Remnant than Void Spirit.
  • Ember's Flame Guard is effective against Void Spirit's spells, as most of them deal magical damage.
  • The root from Searing Chains prevents Void Spirit from using Dissimilate or Astral Step.
Meepo icon.png
  • Meepo's Earthbind can easily lockdown Void Spirit.
  • Meepo and his clones can easily burst Void Spirit's Resonant Pulse.
Puck icon.png
Queen of Pain icon.png
  • Queen of Pain can Blink to both escape and initiate onto Void Spirit.
  • She is also a very common Orchid Malevolence icon.png Orchid Malevolence carrier, which can prevent Void Spirit from contributing much in fights.
Slardar icon.png
Templar Assassin icon.png
Viper icon.png


  • Side lanes with disables will greatly reduce the likeliness Void Spirit will be willing to rotate: Sven minimap icon.png Sven, Tiny minimap icon.png Tiny, Wraith King minimap icon.png Wraith King, Ogre Magi minimap icon.png Ogre Magi.
  • Heroes that can purge his slow and disables are very difficult to go on and their team: Abaddon minimap icon.png Abaddon, Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle.
  • Heroes who can match Void Spirit's mobility (like the aforementioned Ember Spirit minimap icon.png Ember Spirit or Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Queen of Pain) or tank his spells (Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight or Centaur Warrunner minimap icon.png Centaur Warrunner) are very problematic for him.
  • Heroes with burst damage of their own won't be afraid to go toe to toe with Void Spirit, like Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa, Lifestealer minimap icon.png Lifestealer, or Axe minimap icon.png Axe.
  • Special mention to Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander, as she can lock down Void Spirit for a long amount of time without worrying too much about being killed by him during the Duel.


Good against...[]

Broodmother icon.png
  • Void Spirit's AoE damage make short work of Broodmother's spiderlings
  • Broodmother cannot escape Void Spirit's mobility, even in her webs.
Terrorblade icon.png
  • Void Spirit's high mobility becomes a nuisance to Terrorblade.
  • Void Spirit's arsenal of magic damage is effective against Terrorblade's low strength.
  • Terrorblade has no disables to prevent Void Spirit from escaping.
Gyrocopter icon.png
  • Void Spirit can easily dodge Gyrocopter's Homing Missile with the help of Dissimilate.
  • Void Spirit can partly dodge Call Down via Dissimilate or move out of its range with Astral Step.
  • Gyrocopter has no escape abilities, which benefits Void Spirit's high mobility.
Morphling icon.png
  • Void Spirit can greatly pressure Morphling's farm, which is very bad for a hero who needs a large amount of space.
  • Waveform does not provide better mobility than Astral Step.
  • If Morphling shifted all of his strength to agility, he can be bursted down by Void Spirit before he can react.
  • Doing an Ethereal Blade combo on Void Spirit is incredibly difficult, as Dissimilate and Astral Step can allow him to escape or dodge the projectile.
Monkey King icon.png
  • Keeping Void Spirit inside Wukong's Command is a very tricky task, especially in the early and mid game. In addition, if Monkey King is in a bad position, a well placed Aether Remnant can easily pull him out of the ring.
  • Getting stacks of Jingu Mastery can be difficult when attacking Void Spirit.
Windranger icon.png
  • Void Spirit deals entirely magical damage in the early game, ignoring her evasion from Windrun.
  • A Void Spirit with fast reaction time can use Dissimilate or Astral Step to dodge Powershot.


Works well with...[]

Keeper of the Light icon.png
  • With the mana and cooldown reduction provided by Keeper of the Light's Chakra Magic ,Void Spirit will be able dish out damage quickly and efficiently.
Pudge icon.png
  • Void Spirit deals massive amounts of damage, although his skills are hard to land. Dismember can alleviate those issues via its lockdown.
  • Because one of the main items for Void Spirit is a Veil of Discord icon.png Veil of Discord, Pudge's Rot and Dismember will deal more damage.
  • A good Meat Hook can drag an enemy into an Aether Remnant or a Dissimilate portal.
Pugna icon.png
  • Pugna's Decrepify provides a slow and lowers the enemy's magic resistance, thus making Void Spirit's spells more effective.
Bane icon.png
Bloodseeker icon.png
  • Rupture will force enemies to stay in place, making it very easy for Void Spirit to deal damage to them.
  • Void Spirit loves to disrupt fights, the perfect kind of hero for Bloodseeker to count on while he picks off heroes.