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Voice of Flockheart's Gamble
Cosmetic icon Voice of Flockheart's Gamble
Wearable 12536
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Ogre Magi
Rarity: Arcana
Slot: Voice
Created By
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Flockheart's Gamble Bundle
Flockheart's Gamble
Voice of Flockheart's Gamble

Set Items

Voice of Flockheart's Gamble
Voice of Flockheart's Gamble



Entering battle


  • ▶️ We got this one in the bag. Where'd you get a bag?
  • ▶️ Think we gonna win this one? How should I know?

Beginning battle

  • ▶️ What, it ain't started already? I thought it started.
  • ▶️ How do you know when it started? Try hitting something.
  • ▶️ What's that sound? I got a belly ache.


6 seconds cooldown

25% chance


6 seconds cooldown

25% chance

Ordering a spell cast

Only when distance is at least 2x the cast range, 4 seconds cooldown


Fireblast icon Fireblast
On cast, no multicast
50% chance

Killing enemy, multicast
30% chance

Ignite icon Ignite
On cast
50% chance

Bloodlust icon Bloodlust

  • Multicast Bloodlust does not trigger any multicast lines.

On cast
30% chance

Multicast icon Multicast
Proccing, any amount

25% chance

5% chance

Proccing, 2x

Proccing, 3x

Proccing, 4x

Unrefined Fireblast icon Unrefined Fireblast
On cast, no multicast
25% chance

Killing enemy, multicast
30% chance

Leveling up

Killing an enemy

Killing a specific enemy
35% chance

25% chance

  • ▶️ Abaddon minimap icon r Spooky. I didn't think so.
  • ▶️ Alchemist minimap icon r One of his heads fell off. Faker.
  • ▶️ Ancient Apparition minimap icon r Huh, he's getting warmer. Is that how it works?
  • ▶️ Anti-Mage minimap icon r Ants can't beat ogres. They just get smushed.
  • ▶️ Arc Warden minimap icon r Was it real? Felt real.
  • ▶️ Bane minimap icon r Is.. is he dead? He ain't countin' sheep.
  • ▶️ Batrider minimap icon r Now we can make guana stew. It's a family staple.
  • ▶️ Beastmaster minimap icon r Who just follows him around? Lucky.
  • ▶️ Bloodseeker minimap icon r Nyaa ha ha ha ha. Guess he had blood lust too.
  • ▶️ Bounty Hunter minimap icon r What was that? I didn't see nothin'.
  • ▶️ Centaur Warrunner minimap icon r Is that what we look like? How would I know?
  • ▶️ Chaos Knight minimap icon r I just kept swinging 'till he was dead. Like always.
  • ▶️ Chen minimap icon r Did you try to take our piggy? *Grrrrr* Shame.
  • ▶️ Clinkz minimap icon r Where's the meat? This one's overdone.
  • ▶️ Clockwerk minimap icon r Crack him open. Ow!
  • ▶️ Crystal Maiden minimap icon r Make me a snowman! You should have asked her before.
  • ▶️ Dark Willow minimap icon r Did you hear what they say about her? Jeesh, some people.
  • ▶️ Dragon Knight minimap icon r Good night, dragon knight! Eh he he, good one.
  • ▶️ Drow Ranger minimap icon r Ranger danger. Eh he he he he.
  • ▶️ Earthshaker minimap icon r I like earthquakes. That was a big one.
  • ▶️ Enchantress minimap icon r Oh, she was nice. *Ruugh* Had to be done.
  • ▶️ Grimstroke minimap icon r I prefer cave art. You what?
  • ▶️ Gyrocopter minimap icon r It's got a little man in it. Yum, now he's inside me.
  • ▶️ Io minimap icon r Did you bring the bottle? I think it's too late.
  • ▶️ Legion Commander minimap icon r Never trust a Legion Commander. Why not? Don't you listen?
  • ▶️ Lina minimap icon r Our fire's better. Yeah!
  • ▶️ Lion minimap icon r I told you not to pull his finger. It worked out.
  • ▶️ Mars minimap icon r Gods sure are dumb. Yeah.
  • ▶️ Morphling minimap icon r You're all wet, eh he hehehe. *Ugh?* Just let him have it.
  • ▶️ Naga Siren minimap icon r I make better music with my butt. Enough to make you cry.
  • ▶️ Nature's Prophet minimap icon r He made like a banana. Eh he he, good one.
  • ▶️ Necrophos minimap icon r I'll miss his smell. We can take him with us. *Bleeagh*
  • ▶️ Nyx Assassin minimap icon r Not getting beat by some dumb bug. Yeah, last time was the last time again!
  • ▶️ Omniknight minimap icon r Is he gonna go to Heaven. Aaah hahahahahahaaa!
  • ▶️ Oracle minimap icon r You can't plan for ogres! I don't even know where we are.
  • ▶️ Pangolier minimap icon r He curled into a ball alright. But he's not rolling.
  • ▶️ Phantom Assassin minimap icon r You dropped your knife. I think it fell.
  • ▶️ Phantom Lancer minimap icon r Which one was it? Does it matter?
  • ▶️ Phoenix minimap icon r Was that a pony, too? There's no pony.
  • ▶️ Puck minimap icon r He tried to. *Bluagh* Don't even.
  • ▶️ Pudge minimap icon r I hate that guy. Everyone does. *Gruuugh*
  • ▶️ Queen of Pain minimap icon r What was she trying to do? No idea.
  • ▶️ Rubick minimap icon r Who's the master now? I am! I was talking about me!
  • ▶️ Silencer minimap icon r Shut up, shut up, shut up! I think he is.
  • ▶️ Skywrath Mage minimap icon r Flappy bird. Go splat.
  • ▶️ Slardar minimap icon r Here, fishy fishy.
  • ▶️ Slark minimap icon r Here, fishy fishy.
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon r Should we trade? *Raagh* Ow!
  • ▶️ Sniper minimap icon r What was he pointing at us? Beats me.
  • ▶️ Spirit Breaker minimap icon r Stupid cow. And that's coming from you.
  • ▶️ Storm Spirit minimap icon r Quit jumping around!
  • ▶️ Sven minimap icon r Club beats sword. It's just basic science.
  • ▶️ Techies minimap icon r Wanna hear a joke? Nope.
  • ▶️ Templar Assassin minimap icon r What's the secret? She's not tellin'.
  • ▶️ Tidehunter minimap icon r I'm the only big guy around here. What about me? Oh yeah, forgot about you.
  • ▶️ Tiny minimap icon r Punching rocks. Like when we were a baby.
  • ▶️ Tiny minimap icon r That's why they call me Stonebreak. Oooh.
  • ▶️ Troll Warlord minimap icon r Some folk think trolls and ogres get along just fine. It's not true.
  • ▶️ Undying minimap icon r Do you smell that? Sure do. Wish I could stay here forever.
  • ▶️ Viper minimap icon r How was he flying? Magic?
  • ▶️ Void Spirit minimap icon r Gave him a purple nurple. What's that? Like this. Ow!
  • ▶️ Windranger minimap icon r Call me windbreaker. Ah ha ha ha. What?
  • ▶️ Winter Wyvern minimap icon r I like fire dragons better. Yep, lots better.
  • ▶️ Wraith King minimap icon r I didn't know you can fight a ghost. I can fight anything.
  • ▶️ Zeus minimap icon r Puny god. Hey, that's my line!
  • ▶️ Zeus minimap icon r Puny god. Hey, that's my line!
  • ▶️ Primal Beast minimap icon r I told you not to bite my pony. It's not a pony, shut up!
  • ▶️ Hoodwink minimap icon r Did we pet it too hard? Oh, we were petting..
  • ▶️ u You need brains to be brainwashed! Yeah-hey!
  • ▶️ u Muscle is hard. Brains are squishy.

25% chance, during early-mid game

  • ▶️ Axe minimap icon r We don't wanna be separated. We.. don't?
  • ▶️ Brewmaster minimap icon r What's that smell? I feel tipsy.
  • ▶️ Bristleback minimap icon r Front side much less pokey. And less fun.
  • ▶️ Broodmother minimap icon r How many legs was that? Hard to say.
  • ▶️ Juggernaut minimap icon r You don't see us hiding behind a mask. Actually, I might like one.
  • ▶️ Meepo minimap icon r Can't swing a club around here. You're telling me.
  • ▶️ Riki minimap icon r Sorry, didn't see ya.
  • ▶️ Dawnbreaker minimap icon r It was a brave death. Kind of.

5% chance

First Blood

  • ▶️ First Blood! You got some on you.
  • ▶️ First Blood! Did you mean to do that?
  • ▶️ First Blood! Let's do first blood again.
  • ▶️ First Blood! Now what? I think there's more.

Meeting an ally

During earlygame, within 1000 radius
30% chance

  • ▶️ Alchemist minimap icon r You're doing it wrong! For once, I agree.
  • ▶️ Arc Warden minimap icon r We can do that too, Arc Warden, if we want. I can't.
  • ▶️ Axe minimap icon r Ooh, Axe, I get it. Hheheheheh, get what?
  • ▶️ Chen minimap icon r I made a friend, too. *Rugh?*
  • ▶️ Crystal Maiden minimap icon r I brought you a present, Rylai! You did? Oh, oops.
  • ▶️ Faceless Void minimap icon r How does he see where he's going? Lucky guesser.
  • ▶️ Grimstroke minimap icon r That's art? I don't get it.
  • ▶️ Jakiro minimap icon r We were as smart as you. But now we're smarter.
  • ▶️ Phoenix minimap icon r *Agh agh agh agh agh agh* What did you say?
  • ▶️ Queen of Pain minimap icon r Close your eyes. No, I wanna see.
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon r I got a lizard too. Do not. *Aurrugh*
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon r One plus one cookies, please. And one plus one for me.
  • ▶️ Techies minimap icon r No wonder you're so smart. So many heads.
  • ▶️ Templar Assassin minimap icon r Wanna know a secret, Lanaya? Pull my finger.
  • ▶️ Void Spirit minimap icon r You talk funny. Me? No, him.
  • ▶️ Warlock minimap icon r Can your friend come out and play. Please?

Last hitting

60 seconds cooldown


Requires visible enemy player within 1000 radius, 60 seconds cooldown

Acquiring an item

Acquiring a specific item

25% chance




Bottling Runes

Activating runes

Arcane Rune minimap icon Arcane Rune

Bounty Rune minimap icon Bounty Rune

Double Damage Rune minimap icon Double Damage Rune

25% chance

Haste Rune minimap icon Haste Rune

25% chance

Illusion Rune minimap icon Illusion Rune

25% chance

  • ▶️ Ye gods, how'd that happen? What the. Who'd the. How'd that happen?

Invisibility Rune minimap icon Invisibility Rune

25% chance

Regeneration Rune minimap icon Regeneration Rune

25% chance

Ability on cooldown

First attempt within 10 seconds

Second attempt within 10 seconds

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

Not enough mana

First attempt within 10 seconds

Second attempt within 10 seconds

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

Taking damage

3 seconds cooldown

25% chance


5 consecutive clicks on the hero

This is a monologue, the lines always play in the same order.
"Flock" monologue

Chat responses

Lane missing

thx, thanks, ty, or ally casts certain spell on player, 30 seconds cooldown

/laugh, haha, lol, 15 seconds cooldown

Match end



Cosmetic item drop



Rare and higher






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