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Bad against...[]

Axe icon.png
Doom icon.png
  • Scorched Earth can be used to engage Visage while removing Gravekeeper's Cloak charges.
  • Infernal Blade will deal tremendous amounts of damage over time due to Visage's high health pool.
  • Doom completely nullifies Gravekeeper's Cloak and prevents Visage from casting spells.
Luna icon.png
  • Moon Glaives is effective at destroying Familiars and will remove one instance of Gravekeeper's Cloak upon each hit to Visage, leaving him susceptible to damage.
Phoenix icon.png
  • Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix's Supernova cannot be damaged by Familiars.
  • In the early and mid game, Sun Ray won't deal enough damage to be reduced by Gravekeeper's Cloak.
  • Once Sun Ray deals enough damage to protect Visage, a layer of Gravekeeper's Cloak is burnt every 0.2 seconds.
Tidehunter icon.png
Timbersaw icon.png
  • Reactive Armor will quickly stack up from Familiar attacks, making Timbersaw hard to kill.
  • Visage's low mobility makes it easy for Timbersaw minimap icon.png Timbersaw to line up his abilities.
Tiny icon.png
  • Tiny minimap icon.png Tiny's Avalanche removes a significant number of layers from Gravekeeper's Cloak. When combined with Toss burns through all of Gravekeeper's Cloak while doing triple times Toss damage to Visage in midair.
  • Tiny's already high damage coupled with Tree Grab's attack modifier will make short work of Visage's Familiars.
Venomancer icon.png
Viper icon.png
  • Since Visage is a slow hero, Viper minimap icon.png Viper can easily kite him with Poison Attack and Viper Strike while successfully chipping away at Gravekeeper's Cloak.
  • Nethertoxin removes all layers of Gravekeeper's Cloak, leaving Visage exposed.
  • Corrosive Skin makes Viper highly resistant to Soul Assumption.



Good against...[]

Clockwerk icon.png
  • Familiars can scout for Clockwerk's location allowing Visage to dodge or block Hookshot attempts.
  • Gravekeeper's Cloak greatly absorbs damage from Hookshot.
Nature's Prophet icon.png
  • Nature's Prophet has no natural method of dealing with Gravekeeper's Cloak and Familiars.
  • Familiar's low base attack time can chip away Nature Prophet's health.
  • Familiar's Stone Form destroys trees created by Sprout.
  • Familiars can scout woods and foggy areas where Nature's Prophet is trying to use Teleportation.
Puck icon.png
  • Stone Form's long stun duration may prevent Puck from using escape abilities.
  • Visage frequently builds Rod of Atos icon.png Rod of Atos for the root that will make Puck unable to move and use his escape abilities.
Pudge icon.png
  • Pudge has a very hard time killing Familiars due to his melee range and low attack speed.
  • Stone Form can quickly interrupt Dismember.
Shadow Shaman icon.png
  • Due to their high attack speed, Visage's Summon Familiars will destroy Mass Serpent Ward quickly, granting Visage massive amount of gold.
Spectre icon.png
  • Familiars will be able to chase Spectre through the trees when she uses Spectral Dagger, while Visage can keep blasting her with Soul Assumption.
  • Desolate will almost never proc because Visage will always have nearby Familiars.
Techies icon.png
  • Familiars can fly over the mines, rendering them safe from damage of Techies's mines. Visage can also use Familiars to check for mines on the map.
  • Techies's low attack speed and damage will give them a hard time in destroying Visage's Familiars, and that can become even worse if they are affected by Grave Chill.
  • Gravekeeper's Cloak allows Visage to survive Damage from Techies's mines.


  • Familiars will easily be able to kite heroes with a short range or with low attack speed. For example, Tiny minimap icon.png Tiny and Undying minimap icon.png Undying have a very hard time killing Familiars.
  • Stone Form can easily interrupt heroes with long channeling spells, like Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden, Bane minimap icon.png Bane, Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch Doctor, or Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma.
  • Heroes that deal few, powerful instances of damage, like Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle, Lion minimap icon.png Lion, or Sven minimap icon.png Sven, have a hard time breaking through Gravekeeper's Cloak.
  • Visage can quickly kill heroes with low to medium base armor and no innate escape mechanism. Examples include Alchemist minimap icon.png Alchemist, Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden and Zeus minimap icon.png Zeus.

Works well with...[]

Slardar icon.png
  • In combination with Corrosive Haze, Visage's Familiars will do an incredible amount of damage.
Lifestealer icon.png
  • Lifestealer can Infest Visage's Familiars.
Beastmaster icon.png
  • In combination with Beastmaster's summons and Inner Beast, Visage's Familiars can become very powerful. Also Beastmaster's ultimate is a fine lockdown for Familiars to deal damage and then stun further.
Elder Titan icon.png
  • Stone Form of Familiars can help Titan land Earth Splitter and Echo Stomp much easily. Conversely Titan can set up Visage for a chain stun.