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Viridus Claw
Cosmetic icon Viridus Claw
Wearable 5382
[[No results|110px|link=Faceless VoidUnknown Hero icon]]
Faceless Void
Rarity: Uncommon
Slot: Arms

If you wish to grasp the finer points of Dhreg Cult dogma, you must wear the proper gear for rending the tracts into ribbons.
Created By
Viridi Inanitas Set
Viridus Claw
Viridus Leggings
Viridus Spine
Viridus Crusher

Set Items

Viridus Claw
Viridus Claw

This item comes with custom animations.


Customization Type Preview
Loadout Animation Viridus Claw idle
Idle Animation1
Run Animation2 Viridus Claw Run
Attack Animation3 Viridus Claw attack
Portrait Animation Viridus-Claw-portrait

1 Almost the same as default idle animation. Was once the default loadout animation before Faceless Void's model was remade in the March 19, 2015 Patch.
2 Very minor. Faceless Void holds his fist open while running.
3 Does not replace the default attack animations, but adds one extra animation instead. When Faceless Void attacks, one of three possible animations is randomly played.