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Violet Plateau
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The Violet Plateau was a natural formation which housed underground laboratories for scientific experiments by the Keen. The Violet Archives were in or around the Violet Plateau, and held records of its experiments.[1]


The subterranean laboratory at Violet Plateau was founded by Boush. Weapons research occurred at the Violet Plateau. One weapons blueprint showed a focal device that concentrated the wearer's psychic energies into a blast of piercing energy. Some believe blueprints such as this are better off remaining lost.[2]

The Violet Plateau Incident[]

The research team, including Boush, accidentally tore open a portal to a different world, causing nightmarish alien creatures to enter into this world. A mysterious black mist rose from the interior of the plateau, which now surrounds and shrouds the formation in perpetual darkness. Strange, otherworldly sounds emanate from the plateau, and few have visited it since. The laboratory was destroyed in this event, with Boush being the only survivor to make it out alive.[1] He believes it is unlikely that there are any other survivors, although he would like to meet one someday.[3]

Lanaya visited its ruins later on, memorizing what remained of its records in the archives.[4] Despite the destruction of the lab, robotic drones once used for experimentation are still functional, and can be radioed in by Boush.[5]

Yurnero believes that Boush caused the Violet Plateau incident, and is criminally responsible for all the deaths involved.[6]


  • The Violet Plateau is based on the Black Mesa, a location where similar events occurred in Half-Life, another Valve title.


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