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Vigil Knights
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Heroes Sven minimap icon.png Sven
Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Factions Flameguard
Chiseled Guard
Mono Militis
The Lost Vigil
Places Vigil Keep
Inner Colonnade
Characters Sven's Father
Artifacts Vigil Codex
Sacred Helm
Outcast Blade
Holy Flame
Cosmetics Vigil Signet
Vigil Triumph
Vigil Odyssey

The Vigil Knights are an order of knights who follow a strict code of conduct prescribed in the Vigil Codex. They are based in the Vigil Keep. The order possessed the Outcast Blade and the Sacred Helm, and tends over a certain Holy Flame.[1] The Vigil Knights are also adept weaponsmiths. Their symbol may be reflected on one such weapon of their making, the Vigil Signet.[2]

Seafaring galleys sail under the banner of the Vigil Knights, some carrying weapons.[3]


Several sects exist within the Vigil Knights:


Sven's father was a member of the order, until he was executed for violating the Vigil Codex. Sven later joined the Vigil Knights without revealing his identity. The Vigil knights considered Sven's existence an "abomination", perhaps because of his mixed-race background, although this is uncertain.[1] The order holds an In-Swearing ceremony for its initiates, in which Sven was about to participate following thirteen years of study with the order. On that day, however, Sven broke the order's Sacred Helm, took the Outcast Blade for himself, and burnt the Vigil Codex in the Holy Flame. Sven's iron gauntlet, with which he uses to cast Storm Hammer, was also taken from the order.[7] The Vigil Knights were apparently crushed by Sven, although not completely.[8] To this day, the order still seeks to reclaim the Outcast Blade from Sven.[9]

The Lost Vigil[]

One group of Vigil Knights, now known as The Lost Vigil, went missing on patrol, and is usually assumed to be lost at sea. Some believe, however, that they washed up on the lands of Ashkavor, where they were seen by the Ashkavorians in the mountains near Fellstrath.[10]


The Vigil Knights have fought or attempted to subdue Mireska before, for reasons unknown.[11]


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