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Version 6.39b
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  • Balance changes.
Release Date
Date Needed
* Fixed a very serious Mac bug
* Shallow Grave cooldown from 300/150/75 to 300/200/100
* Fixed Lycan's icon on scoreboard
* Fixed a bug with the last nerf to shadow word (it wasn't actually nerfedas i said it was in the code, thx malle)
* Changed Infernal HP from 900/1400/1900 to 900/1200/1500
* Allowed swaphero to be used after the -rd draft
* If you don't pick a hero in -rd, one will be randomed for you (for the same gold cost)

Please note: If you downloaded the 6.39b that was up for an hour the other day, please make sure to delete it.
Delete any 6.39b you may have, as duplicate copies may cause you issues. Download a fresh copy from

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