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Hero Changes[]

Drow Ranger icon.png
  • Frost Arrows
    • Increased movement speed slow from 10%/20%/30%/40% to 15%/30%/45%/60%.
    • Reduced attack speed slow from 10/20/30/40 to 5/10/15/20.
Lycan icon.png
  • Increased Shapeshift movement speed from 330 to 345.
Naga Siren icon.png
  • Reduced Ensnare cooldown from 11 to 10.
Nature's Prophet icon.png
  • Reduced Teleportation cast time from 3 on each level to 3/2.5/2/1.5.
Riki icon.png
  • Death Ward
    • Increased duration from 10 to 15.
    • Rescaled damage from 51-55/76-80/136-140/196-200 to 61-65/81-85/131-135/196-200.
Silencer icon.png
  • Increased base attack damage from 16-28 to 18-30.
  • Increased Silencer silence duration from 1/2/3 to 2/3/4.
Sniper icon.png
  • Reduced Take Aim bonus range from 75/150/225/300 to 55/110/165/220.
Tidehunter icon.png
  • Gush
    • Increased movement speed slow from 25% to 50%.
    • Increased slow duration from 2.5 to 4.5.
  • Increased Kraken Shell damage block from 10/15/20/25 to 10/20/30/40.
  • Anchor Smash
    • Reduced proc chance from 20%/30%/40%/50% to 20% on each level.
    • Increased damage from 50 on each level to 50/75/105/140.
  • Reduced Rain of Tears radius from global to 2500.
Treant Protector icon.png
  • Reduced Eyes in the Forest cooldown from 240/180/150/120 to 200/140/110/80.
  • Overgrowth
    • Reduced cast time from 1.5 to 0.5
    • Reduced cooldown from 90/60/30 to 15 on each level.
    • Reworked damage:
Deals 50 damage within 100 radius.
Deals 35 damage within 125 radius.
Deals 10 damage within 150 radius.
Deals 50 damage within 150 radius.
Vengeful Spirit icon.png
  • Increased Vengeance Aura attack damage bonus from 6%/11%/16%/22% to 6/11/17/24%.
  • Nether Swap
    • Increased Cast Range from 500/750/1000 to 550/800/1100.
    • Reduced cooldown from 90 to 60.
Viper icon.png
Zeus icon.png


Healing Salve icon.png
  • Increased gold cost from 300 Gold to 370 Gold.
Blink Dagger icon.png
  • Reduced gold cost from 2600 Gold to 2300 Gold.
Cheese icon.png
  • Reduced gold cost from 850 Gold to 650 Gold.
Circlet icon.png
  • Reduced gold cost from 175 Gold to 125 Gold.

Original Warcraft III Map Description[]

Map Description

A clash of the titans! 27 Scourge heroes face off against 27 Sentinels. Special game modes in this version are reverse, teamrandom, and allrandom. M-m-m-monster kill!

Loading Screen

DotA Allstars v5.75
Clan TDA @ Azeroth
Download this map at

Check the Quest Menu for information on a cash DotA tourney coming up soon.

The sentinel welcomes the Ursa Warrior, and the Scourge welcomes the Bane
Elemental. Made some balance changes for a bunch of heroes.

Quest Notes

DotA Allstars v5.75
This map is originally taken from TFT Dota 7.0 and DotA Allstars v.96b.

Credits to syl-la-ble, zetta, mrquincy, battlebotv8.0, darky27, sopho, linkmaster, nokternal, neichus, dankys, and everybody else who has helped me out.
Thanks to dankys for the minimap icon.
Check out our forum at
Find a game in channel Clan TDA@Azeroth.

Created on 10/14/04  at 9:20 PM.

Random Babbling
Justifying myself to those who question.

None of the abilities, units, or triggers in this map were copied from any other map.  The idea for them was copied, but all the programming was redone by me.  Not as if copy pasting would even work.  The terrain was not done by me, however.  To reiterate:  abilities, units, and triggers in this map were all written by me, but the idea behind many of them comes from other maps (DotA <Allstars>).

Some heroes and many abilities aren't from other maps.  This is for several reasons.  First, many abilities on allstar heroes from other maps wouldn't fit into this map, usually being too weak.  Some I changed for fun reasons.  I also added heroes at whim to keep the map changing and infused with new material, make it more fun, and introduce more creativity.
New in this version

*Flask of Sapphire Water cost changed to 370 gold.
*Hunk of Cheese cost reduced to 650 gold.
*Circlet of nobility cost reduced to 125 gold from 175 gold.
*Null talisman cost reduced to 500 from 550 due to Circlet.
*Headdress of Rejuvenation cost reduced to 1275 from 1325 due to Circlet.

New characters: Bane Elemental and Ursa Warrior.
Improved heroes:
Drow Ranger, Leviathan, Stealth Assassin, Shendelzare Silkwood, Treant Protector, Brood Mother, Pugna, Silencer, Furion, and Naga Siren.
Debuffed heroes: Zeus, Viper, Rifleman.
-random  :  Gives you a random hero when you could normally choose your hero.  Saves you the gold of choosing your hero.
-repick :  Costs 150 to activate or a bunch of cash in an allrandom game.  Can only be used in the first 90 seconds and gives you a new random hero.
-nopowerups  :  Votes to stop powerups from spawning.
-reverse or -re  (blue only)  :  Activates a game mode where you can choose your opponent's hero.
-allrandom or -ar  (blue only)  :  Activates a game mode where everyone gets a random hero, chosen from a pool of all 48 heroes.
-teamrandom or -tr  (blue only)  :  Activates a game mode where everyone gets a random hero that their team could normally choose.
-beamcounter :  If Luna is playing, every time she uses Eclipse or Lucent Beam, it counts it.  That's all it does.
-refresh:  If you are the Phantom Assassin, casts a 0-damage Frost Nova on yourself to refresh Blur.
-dupemode or -dm: Makes it so that duplicate heroes can be randomly selected.
-shortmode or -sm: Reduces all tower damage and hit points, increases hero experience gained by 10%, and doubles the gold given periodically.
Cash DotA tourney
There will be an online Allstars tournament starting October 25th.  One match will be run each week.  The entry fee for each team is $125, of which approximately 75% goes to prizes.  For information, contact Guinsoo or hardcorporate@azeroth, or email, or go to  Don't bother this email unless it's about the tournament.
League Play
To enable the league mode for a league match, one player from each team must enter their part of the match ID that they recieved from the bot.

Example: -match ##

Unreleased content[]


Dark Master:
No Description
Ability has four levels.

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