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  • Increased Barracks armor from 5 to 20.

Filler/Effigy Buildings[]

  • Reorganized Filler/Effigy Buildings.
  • Radiant Filler/Effigy Buildings (Moon Wells)
    • Increased number of buildings from 14 to 20. (total filler buildings increased from 16 to 22)
    • Increased armor from 5 to 12
  • Dire Filler/Effigy Buildings (Ziggurats)
    • Increased number buildings of from 19 to 24. (total filler buildings increased from 19 to 26)
    • Increased armor from 5 to 12

Lane Creeps[]

Creep Upgrades[]

  • Removed Graveyard/Hunter's Hall.
  • Creeps now get stronger by destroying Melee/Ranged Barracks (Created Super Creeps or Tier 2 Lane Creeps).
  • Super creeps grants less gold 21-41 instead of 35-55
  • Unknown Unit icon.png Ancient of War/Radiant Melee Barracks
    • Increases Radiant/Sentinel melee creep attack damage +9.
    • Increases Radiant/Sentinel melee creep armor +1.
    • Increases Radiant/Sentinel melee creep health +100.
    • Increases Radiant/Sentinel melee creep model scale +0.15.
  • Unknown Unit icon.png Ancient of Lore/Radiant Ranged Barracks
    • Increases Radiant/Sentinel ranged creep attack damage +10.
    • Increases Radiant/Sentinel ranged creep armor +1.
    • Increases Radiant/Sentinel ranged creep health +150.
    • Increases Radiant/Sentinel ranged creep model scale +0.10.
  • Unknown Unit icon.png Crypt/Dire Melee Barracks
    • Increases Dire/Scourge melee creep attack damage +9.
    • Increases Dire/Scourge melee creep armor +1.
    • Increases Dire/Scourge melee creep health +100.
    • Increases Dire/Scourge melee creep model scale +0.05.
  • Unknown Unit icon.png Temple of the Damned/Dire Ranged Barracks
    • Increases Dire/Scourge ranged creep attack damage +10.
    • Increases Dire/Scourge ranged creep armor +1.
    • Increases Dire/Scourge ranged creep health +150.
    • Changed Scourge/Dire ranged creep regeneration type Only while on Blight to always.
    • Reduced upgrader Scourge/Dire ranged creep regeneration from 2 to 0.5.


  • Tier 2
    • Increased base attack damage from 110-130 to 120-140.
    • Increased Base Attack Time from 1.00 to 0.95.
    • Increased health from 1300 to 1500.
    • Increased gold bounty from 351-549 to 374-674.
    • Increased health Regen from 0.05 to 0.15.
  • Tier 3
    • Increased base attack damage from 110-130 to 140-160.
    • Increased base attack time from 1.00 to 0.90.
    • Increased health from 1300 to 2000.
    • Increased gold bounty from 351-549 to 354-849.
  • Tier 4
    • Increased base attack damage from 110-130 to 140-160.
    • Increased base attack time from 1.00 to 0.90.
    • Increased health from 1300 to 2000.
    • Increased gold bounty from 351-549 to 354-849.



  • Removed heroes:
Tiny icon.png
Mountain Giant
Night Stalker icon.png
Void Demon
Pugna icon.png
Tarmick Mage


  • Added new heroes:
Brewmaster icon.png
Night Stalker icon.png
Night Stalker
Pudge icon.png

Hero Changes[]

Anti-Mage icon.png
Old Spell Shield (4.00)
Reduces the damage of magic attacks against the Anti-Mage.
Magic resistance: 33%/55%/80%
Bonus damage: 10%
New Mana Void
Creates a powerful void in an enemy unit caused by a lack of mana. For each mana point missing, the unit takes damage.
Damage per Missing Mana: 0.33/0.60/1.00.
Mini-stun Duration: 0.1 seconds.
Cast range: 600.
Projectile speed: 1000.
Cooldown: 120 seconds.
Mana Cost: 175/225/275.
Bounty Hunter icon.png
  • Reduced base health regeneration from 1.5 to 0.5.
  • Shadow Walk
    • Increased movement speed bonus 10% to 10/20/30/40%.
    • Increased duration from 20/25/30/30 to 20/25/30/35.
    • No longer deals 25/50/75/100 damage.
  • Duplicate
    • Increased duplicate duration from 15/30/45 to 20/40/60
    • Rescaled mana cost from 250 to 200/250/350
Chaos Knight icon.png
  • Reduced base armor from 3 to 2.
  • Reduced Strength attribute symbol.png strength gain from 3.3 to 3.
  • Increased Agility attribute symbol.png agility gain from 2.1 to 2.3.
Chen icon.png
Crystal Maiden icon.png
  • Increased Frostbite mana cost from 115/125/135/135 to 115/125/150/165.
  • Increased Freezing Field mana cost from 300 to 300/400/550.
Death Prophet icon.png
  • Increased Crypt Swarm mana cost from 105/120/135/150 to 105/120/140/170.
  • Exorcism
    • Increased life drain (damage return factor) from 0 to 25%.
    • Increased damage return hreshold from 0 to 1000.
    • Increased spirits acquisition radius from 900 to 1200.
    • Increased max attack radius from 1200 to 1600.
Doom icon.png
Old Life Wave
Calls forth a wave of energy that heals a target and bounces to nearby friendlies. Each bounce heals less damage.
Cast range: 600
Bounce radius: 1000
Number of bounces: 3/4/5/6
Base heal: 80/155/245/310
Bounce heal reduction: 20%/20%/15%/12%
New Devour
Swallows an enemy unit for a short period of time, digesting it and dealing minor damage.
Cast range: 100
Allowed targets: Creeps/Creeps/Creeps/Creeps and Heroes
Creep duration: 20/40/60/80
Hero duration: 0/0/0/8
Damage per second: 10
Creep level limit: 0
Mana cost: 0
Cooldown: 0
Notes: Devour was not able to target neutral creeps due to the creep level limit being level 0. Also, even though Devour description had a hero duration the ability was unable to target Heroes.
Dragon Knight icon.png
Old Dragonhide Armor
Armor made form the hides of dragons.
Bonus Armor: 1/3/4/6.
New Immolation
Engulfs the Dragon Knight in flames causing damage to nearby enemy land units. Drains mana until deactivated.
Damage radius: 160
Damage per second: 10/20/30/40
Debuff linger duration: 1
Initial mana cost: 25
Mana cost per second: 7
Notes: Toggle ability. Automatically toggles itself off once mana goes below 10.
Drow Ranger icon.png
  • Reduced Marksmanship proc chance from 10%/30%/40% to 10%/20%/30%.
Faceless Void icon.png
  • Increased Carrion Swarm mana cost from 105/120/135/150 to 105/120/140/170.
Juggernaut icon.png
Leshrac icon.png
Lich icon.png
Old Glaciar Crush
Crushes the life out of a target unit by encasing it in a glacier of ice.
Damage per second: 100/125/150
Cast range: 500
Duration: 600
Cooldown: 30
Initial mana cost: 75
Mana cost per second: 125
New Chain Frost
Releases a jumping breath of frost.
Cast range: 800.
Bounce distance: 500.
Number of bounces: 4/6/8.
Damage: 400.
Attack speed slow: 20.
Movement speed slow: 40%.
Slow duration: 5.
Cooldown: 140.
Mana cost: 200/250/300.
Projectile speed: 522.
Notes: Chain Frost is bugged, it casts sleep on the primary target instead of doing damage and visual effect, the slept target is invulnerable for unlimited amount of time. This is due to a programming error with triggers.
Lifestealer icon.png
  • Updated hero model from Zergling to Ghoul.
  • Poison Sting
    • Reduced damage per second from 6/8/9/10 to 2/4/7/10.
    • Increased movement speed slow from 5%/10%/21%/28% to 10%/20%/30%/45%.
    • Reduced duration from 3/5/6/7 to 3.
Lion icon.png
  • Earth Spike
    • Reduced cast range from 600 to 400.
    • Reduced spikes radius from 250 to 200.
    • Reduced spikes travel distance from 600 to 400 (travel time is 0.2).
Notes: Reduced Projectile Speed from 3000 to 2000
Lycan icon.png
  • Reduced Lycan Wolf icon.png Lycan Wolf health from 600/900/1100/1300 to 600/750/850/1000.
  • Reduced Feral Heart bonus movement speed from 12%/24%/36%/48% to 4%/8%/12%/16%.
Luna icon.png
  • Increased Lucent Beam mana cost from 70/80/90/100 to 95/110/125/140.
  • Eclipse
    • Rescaled mana cost from 300 to 250/350/450.
    • Increased search radius from 500 to 600.
Omniknight icon.png
Old Purification
Heals a friendly unit over time.
Health regen: 7.5/15/20.25
Cast Range: 600
Duration: 30
Mana cost: 100
Cooldown: 45
New Purification
Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all nearby enemy units.
  • Now can be cast on self.
  • Rescaled damage/heal from 125/275/400 to 100/200/300/400.
  • Has a 200 damage radius.
  • Reduced cooldown from 13 to 12.
  • Increased mana cost from 100 to 125/150/175/200.
Old Holy Avenger
Calls a heavenly punisher down to deal deal light damage to a nearby enemy and stun it for 4 seconds.
Projectile Speed: 300
Damage: 50/100/150/200
Cast range: 600
Stun duration: 4
Mana cost: 75/90/105/120
New Degen Aura
Greatly degenerates the movement capabilities of units that stay too near.
Radius: 130/150/175/200.
Movement speed reduction: 40%/45%/50%/55%.
Naga Siren icon.png
Old Blink
Short distance teleportation that allows one to move in and out of combat.
Cast range: Global
Min blink distance: 200
Max blink distance: 1000/1075/1150/1150
Mana cost: 50
Cooldown: 10/7/5/2
New Sleep
Puts a target enemy unit to sleep. A sleeping unit can be awoken by attacking it.
Cast range: 800
Invulnerability duration: 2/3/4/5
Sleep duration: 5/8/11/15
Mana cost: 95/105/115/125
Cooldown: 30
Old Deflect Arrows
The Naga Assassin blocks many incoming ranged attacks with her swift blade.
Proc chance: 30%/40%/50%
New Song of the Siren
Slithice begins to sing. As long as she sings, enemy units near her are put to sleep.
Invulnerability duration: 2/3/4
Sleep duration: 6/9/12
Radius: 1200/3600/global
Mana cost: 200/300/400
Cooldown: 0
Nyx Assassin icon.png
  • Impale
    • Reduced spikes radius from 250 to 200.
    • Reduced spikes travel distance from 600 to 400.
    • Reduced cast range from 600 to 400.
  • Wind Walk
    • Reduced movement speed bonus from 25/50/75/100% to 10/20/30/40%.
    • Removed backstab damage.
Medusa icon.png
  • Increased Strength attribute symbol.png strength gain from 1.8 to 2.8.
  • Increased Agility attribute symbol.png agility gain from 2.8 to 3.
  • Increased Intelligence attribute symbol.png intelligence gain from 2.1 to 2.25.
  • Unknown Unit icon.png Pandemona
    • Increased movement speed from 70 to 140.
    • Increased building damage close damage per second from 15 to 25.
    • Increased unit damage close damage per Second from 5 to 10.
    • Increased unit damage far damage per Second from 1 to 2.
Magnus icon.png
  • Increased Strength attribute symbol.png strength gain from 2.75 to 3.2.
  • Increased Agility attribute symbol.png agility gain from 2 to 2.25.
Morphling icon.png
Old Force of Will
Counters an enemy skill through sheer force of will. Also known as Scoop. Periodically block one spell cast at the Morphling.
Mana cost: 75
Cooldown: 180/90/60/30
New Tidal Wave
Creates a large wave of water, dealing damage to enemy units in a line.
Damage: 100/175/25/325
Travel distance: 800
Projectile Speed: 900
Radius: 300
Final radius: 300
Cast Range: 700
Cooldown: 12
Mana Cost: 100/115/130/150
New Undercover
The Morphling goes undercover, enable him to go behind enemy lines. Select a hero and you will temporarily look like him.
Duration: 90/180/indefinitely.
Cooldown: 120
Mana cost: 250/350/450
Notes: When you select a hero, you will look like that hero until you manually attack a Scourge unit, at which point you will be returned to normal.
Slardar icon.png
  • Amplify Damage
    • Increased armor reduction from 10/15/20 to 10/20/30.
    • Increased mana cost from 75 to 75/100/125.
Shadow Shaman icon.png
  • Rescaled Shackles mana cost from 120 to 120/140/160/180.
    • Changed Shadow Shaman Serpent Ward icon.png Serpent Ward damage type from piercing damage on each level to chaos/piercing/piercing damage.
Sven icon.png
Techies icon.png
Old Explosive Shot
The Techies fire more explosive bullets, adding 8/16/24/32 damage and a slightly larger splash to each attack.
Base bonus damage: 8/16/24/32
Bonus splash radius: 40/80/160/200
New Rapid Revive
The Techies are able to revive quicker than other units.
Respawn timer reduction: 20%/40%/60%/80%.
  • Suicide Squad, Attack!
    • Increased full damage from 1050/1900/3200 to 1050/1900/3800.
    • Reduced damage dealt to buildings from 100% to 70%.
    • Increased mana cost from 250 to 250/300/350.
    • Increased cooldown from 150 to 180.
Terrorblade icon.png
Old Silence
Stop all enemies in a target area form casting spells. The area of effect and the duration increases with level. Half duration versus heroes.
Cast range: 900
Radius: 200/275/350/425
Creep duration: 16/20/24/28
Hero duration: 8/10/12/14
Mana cost: 90
Cooldown: 15
New Soul Steal
Absorbs the soul of a target enemy unit by taking hit points and mana from it every second and giving them to Terrorblade.
Cast Range: 500
Health drained per interval: 6.25/12.50/18.67/25
Mana drained per interval: 3.13/6.25/9.37/12.5
Drain interval: 0.25
Max channel time: 5
Mana cost: 50
Cooldown: 15
Old Teleportation
Teleports anywhere explored on the map.
Cast range: Global
Cast time: 4
Mana cost: 75
Cooldown: 60/50/40/30
New Metamorphosis
Bonus health: 0/100/200/300
Attack range: 600
Attack projectile speed: 900
Base attack time: 1.6
Duration: 30/40/50/60
Mana cost: 100/130/160/190
Cooldown: 60
  • Metamorphosis is bugged.
    • The transformation time takes longer takes longer time than intended. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
    • Conjure Image dispels Metamorphosis. [1] [2]
Vengeful Spirit icon.png
Old Nether Spirit
Summons a shade of Shendelzare that attack nearby enemies. May not be attacked.
Duration: 60
Mana cost: 225
Cooldown: 180/180/120
Notes: The Ancestral Spirit has the Invulnerable and Locust (can not be targeted) ability.
New Nether Swap
Instantaneously swaps positions with a target enemy unit.
Cast range: 400/700/1000
Mana cost: 175/225/320
Cooldown: 15
Venomancer icon.png
Old Reinforced Skin
The hydra's skin hardens to absorb more damage.
Bonus armor: 1/3/4/6
New Plague Ward
Summons an immobile serpentine ward. The ward is immune to magic and is diseased.
Cast range: 500
Duration: 40
Mana cost: 30/37/44/50
Cooldown: 6.5
Venomancer Plague Ward icon.png Plague Ward stats:
Health: 75/200/325/450
Damage type: Piercing
Damage: 7-9/14-18/21-27/28-36
Armor: 0
Attack projectile speed: 1900
Base attack time: 1.5
Gold bounty: 26-38/27-41/28-44/28-44
Disease Cloud
Infects nearby enemy living units with Disease Cloud. Stays 5 seconds after unit is death.
Radius: 176
Damage per second: 10/20/30/40
  • Poison Sting
    • Reduced slow from 7%/14%/21%/28% to 5%/10%/15%/23%.
    • Rescaled duration from 3/5/6/7 to 8 on each level.
  • Poison Nova
    • Reduced duration from 14 to 7.
    • Increased damage from 30/50/65 to 70/100/130.
    • Reescaled mana cost from 200 to 180/265/350.
    • Increased attack and movement speed slow from 10/15/20% to 20/40/60%.
    • Increased ring speed from 305 to 522.
    • Increased radius from 280 [?] to 450 [?].
Wraith King icon.png
Zeus icon.png


Skull Basher icon.png
Radiance (Active) icon.png
  • Added a new item: Radiance. Grants +75 Damage and +10 Armor.
  • Item description: "A Divine armor that gives +10 armor, +75 damage, True Sight, and a bright burning effect that damages nearby units."
Sacred Relic (4100)
Plate Mail (1400)
Gem of True Sight (700)


Burn: Scorches nearby enemies dealing magical damage per second.
Close Damage Radius: 250.
Far Damage Radius: 500.
Close Damage: 60.
Far Damage : 120.

True Sight: Adds the ability to see invisible units and wards to any allied vision within its carrier's range.
Radius: 1100
Boots of Travel 1 icon.png
  • Updated item description
Increases greatly the movement speed of the hero and allows the hero to Teleport every 3 minutes. Does not stack with Boots of Speed or Power Treads.
Increases movement speed by a whopping 110 and allows the hero to Teleport every 3 minutes. Does not stack with Boots of Speed or Power Treads.
Manta Style icon.png
  • Mirror Image can no longer be cast on ancient units

Original Warcraft III Map Description[]

Map Description

Have fun with an expanded version of DotA Allstars.  Featuring 24 heroes for each side, cool sounds, item recipies, and more!

Loading Screen

DotA Allstars v5.10
Go to and channel Clan TDA@Azeroth.
You can find a list of all official version in our forums at, in the general discussion forum.

If you want to play All random, type -allrandom within the first 13seconds.

The number of creeps that spawn increases periodically. Destroying enemy creep factories no longer stops them from spawning. Instead it makes your creeps stronger.

Startup Notes

Stop by the forum at or hang out in the channel Clan TDA@Azeroth.
Check the quest menu for more information.

Gold transfer has been disabled!

If you don't want super creeps, type -nosupercreeps right now!
If you don't want item powerups, type -nopowerups right now!
You may now -repick once.  It costs you 50 gold and gives you a new hero.  You may only do this in the first 60 seconds!

If you want to play All random, type -allrandom RIGHT NOW! You only have 13 seconds.

Quest Notes

Welcome back to my DotA.
Roshan can be killed for 500 bonus gold for your whole team. He is where Morbazan used to be.
Item powerups spawn just outside of the river on the Sentinel side.

Super Creeps spawn randomly after 10 minutes.
As you destroy your opponent’s graveryard/hunter’ halls, your creeps grow stronger.
Almost all recipies give the same abilities as the input items, plus a bonus.
Beware that certain item abilities may cause other abilities to stop working.

Fixed in this version:
Fixed certain broken heroes Night Stalker, Doom Bringer, Dragon Knight, Lifestealer, Naga Siren, Terrorblade, and The Butcher.
Added -allrandom

Changed around a few skills, did a little trimming and such.
Fixed -random and -repick bug where duplicates were common.

This map was originally taken from TFT Dota 7.0 and DotA Allstars v.96b.

Type -random to randomly select a hero.
This map is simply for beta testing, at the moment
Credits to syl-la-ble, WKnight, zetta, mrquincy, mortred, about11, battlebotv8.0, darky27, sopho, linkmaster, nokternal, neichus and everybody else who has helped me out.

Check out our forum at
Find a game channel Clan TDA@Azeroth.

Created on 4/30/04 at 2:14 PM

Unreleased content[]

Dragon Knight[]

Dragon Rage:
When activated, Davion goes into a feral rage. Each time he attacks, he gains agility, increasing his movement and attack speeds and armor.
Davion goes into a Dragon Rage. Each attack he lands increases his Agility by 1/2/3/4, increasing his movement and attack speeds and armor. Lasts 45 seconds.
Hotkey R
Duration: 45
Mana Cost: 85/100/120/150
Cooldown: 120

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