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Heroes Davion of Dragon Hold Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Davion
Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker
Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade
Races Dragons
Factions The Thunder
Places The Cosmos
The Dream
Gods Worldwyrm
Species Chaos Dragons

Vahdrak is the Chaos Eldwurm[1] whose soul supports the universe as one of the eight pillars of creation. Among the four Eldwurms that represent the four fundamental forces, he is the draconic equivalent of Chaos Knight who shares the same color scheme and set of powers, but he is actually the weak nuclear force.[2]


Unique to Vahdrak and his fellow chaos dragons are their wings that have three red eyes. Normally covered and folded under their wings, these eyes can be opened when the dragon attempts to intimidate attackers or when using some of their powers.

Vahdrak and the chaos dragons possess unique abilities that differentiate themselves from other species. Most dragons make use of the elements or forces of nature, but these dragons have powers that would consider them as eldritch creatures. Their ability to phase out of reality, redirect attacks around them, and teleport short distances (via shifting between the planes) makes it difficult to land a hit on them, let alone touching these dragons.[3] Kaden sought out these dragons for their abilities, imbuing his armor with the powers of a chaos dragon.

Besides the ability to planeshift, Vahdrak seems to have the ability to darken his surroundings before releasing an expanding wave of red energy. This attack is powerful enough to dematerialise other eldwurms[4], possibly related to his power over atom decay via the weak interaction.

Lifespan and Immortality[]

Like all Eldwurms, Vahdrak is immortal in a sense that he can reincarnate as long as there is a suitable host body for his soul to take up residence. Upon death, he finds the next oldest dragon of his type (which is the chaos dragons in his case) before filling their soulless body with his own soul.[5][6] The vessels he possesses are not immortal themselves, so they all die naturally like any living creature, but it is said that they have long lifespans and grow stronger in both physical strength and their respective elemental powers as they mature and age rather than wither into weaker dragons.



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