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Todo list[]

Lich/Counters should add Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa and Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut in "Works well with" due to 7.20 rework, they become popular combination.

Windranger/Counters should be rewrite.

Lich/Counters Huskar now are countered by Lich some how.

Vocabulary Build[]

A list of interesting vocabulary I learn from Dota2 Wiki :D

  • eviscerate
    • eviscerate something (formal) to remove the inner organs of a body

Technological Notes[]

-> Cargo is basicly wiki version of SQL. It is like a shitty utility :)

Gamepedia enable 2 fancy extensions:

Extension:Scribunto enabling the Lua scripts(Time to repick some skills on lua programming:D) Extension:Cargo

A funny function of media wiki: I can include some part from the page/sandbox lua <Hi,there:D

Further investigation[]

+ There is a bug(or error use of template in some abilities) on the data query in cast range which maskes it includes some event items? The itam and ability template have undocumented usage(like 'game=') causing mess.Template:Ability Check the Category:Templates

  • different hero might have different old ability format. Like breastmaster cannot be processed.
  • Undocumented game=name are used? But they work differently?

I still a bit confused by the name spaces. Why in some pages, something cannot be refrenenced......... Example add tomorrow.

Lua error collections[]

Fixed by Molldust at Dota 2 Wiki:Admin noticeboard#Lua error of .7B.7B.7BShow.7CA.7Citem name.7CvalueX.7D.7D

The following page has same problem: Lua error in Module:Show at line 54: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value).

I think the problem can be traced into the 61 to 61 lines of Module:Show

Real example:

{{show|A|Shiva's Guard|Freezing Aura|value2}} --> 45

{{Show|A|Vladmir's Offering|Vladmir's Aura|value5}} --> 3

{{show|A|Eul's Scepter of Divinity|Cyclone|value3}} --> 50

This problem was reported at 2018 by Symmetrychaos on lua errors of summon units on hero pages. The following pages still once have same problem.

Attack speed/slows‎

The solution used was to change {{show|A|Buildings|Tower Protection|value4}} into {{#var:Tower Protection value4}}.

Example change log:

Summons is a page full of them still.

past note:Template_talk:Ability

Check the code in Module:Show and Template:Ability