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This list contains the Statsdota and with it the Steamaccounts of most known pro Dota Player. Remind that most professional player have more than one account and we only listed the official ones. If you have any Teams to add, pls do it. If you have players of the chinese scene (with steam accout please), it would be great!

I'm going to separate this list based on (my perceived) notability. The 2nd list is here

List of Steam ID's is here

With Valve separating accounts into private and public ones, you can only track history of the accounts which marked -on

Team icon Team DK.pngDK[]

Team icon Team Empire.pngEmpire[]

Team icon Evil Geniuses.pngEvil Geniuses[]

Team icon First Departure.pngFirst Departure[]

Team icon Fnatic.pngFnaticRC[]

Team icon Invictus Gaming.pngInvictus Gaming[]

Team icon LGD Gaming.pngLGD Gaming[]

Team icon LGD Gaming.pngLGD Gaming International[]

Team icon Mineski.pngMineski[]

Team icon MiTH.Trust.pngMiTh-Trust[]

Team icon MUFC.pngMUFC eSports[]

Team icon Natus Vincere.pngNatus Vincere[]

Team icon Orange Esports.pngNeolution International[]

Team icon QPAD Red Pandas.pngQPAD Red Pandas[]

Team icon Quantic Gaming.pngQuantic Gaming[]



Team icon RoX.KIS.pngRoX.KIS[]

Team icon Team Dignitas.pngTeam Dignitas[]

Team icon Team Liquid.pngTeam Liquid[]

Tell Me Why[]


Team icon Alliance.png The Alliance[]

Team icon TongFu.pngTongFu[]

Team icon Vici Gaming.pngVici Gaming[]

Team icon Pro[]

Free Agents, Stand-Ins and retired Players[]

Disbanded Teams or Mixes since this list was made[]

Team icon DTS Gaming.pngDTS Gaming (disbanded);

It's Gosu eSports (disbanded);

Enro Griffins (disbanded);

Hydra (disbanded);

HelloMoto (disbanded);

4 Friends + Chrilee (disbanded);

Keita Gaming;

Infused (Disbanded);

Storm Games Clan (Disbanded);

Team icon mousesports.png Mousesports (Disbanded);

Team icon Counter Logic Gaming.pngCounter Logic Gaming (Disbanded);

Team icon Moscow Five.pngMoscow Five (Disbanded);

Team icon Quantic Gaming.pngQuantic Gaming (Disbanded);

48pxMeet Your Makers (Disbanded);

Team icon compLexity Gaming.pngComplexity Gaming (Disbanded);

Pulse (Disbanded);

Invasion-N9 (Disbanded);

Team icon mTw.pngmTw (Disbanded);

48px3D!Clan (Disbanded);

48pxChains Stack (Disbanded);

Team logo Absolute Legends.pngAbsolute Legends (Disbanded);

Dd.Dota logo.pngdd.Dota (Sponsorship);

Team icon Vici Gaming.pngVici Gaming 2 (Disbanded);

For.Love (Disbanded);

Neolution E-Sports (Disbanded);

Team icon Team Zenith.pngTeam Zenith (Disbanded);

Team icon Kaipi.pngKaipi (Sponsorship);

Flip.Sid3 Tactics (Disbanded);

Team icon mousesports.pngmousesports (Disbanded);

Team icon Orange Esports.pngNeolution Orange e-Sports (Disbanded)