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Unusual Paint
Cosmetic icon Unusual Paint
Tool N/A
Rarity: Legendary

This item will allow you to change the color of the particle effects on one unusual item. Note that this does not work on Felicity's Blessing or the Affliction of Vermin. This item is consumed upon use and its effects cannot be reversed.

This item was originally given out to fix a problem with some Unusual couriers not displaying their effects properly. Valve has since stopped distributing Unusual Paints, making them extremely rare and available only via trade, usually at very high costs.

It can only be used on Paintable color types.

Paintable Unpaintable
Name RGB Value Name RGB Value
Light Green 183,207,51 Light Blue 50,166,207
Orange 208,119,51 Magenta 196,57,198
Purple 130,50,237 Persian 41,36,203
Green 81,179,80 Indigo 61,104,196
Blue 0,151,206 Violet 130,50,207
Gold 207,171,49 Teal 74,183,141
Red 208,61,51


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