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Heroes Puck minimap icon.png Puck
Races Faerie Dragons
Texts Scrolls of Haize

The Undertree is a mysterious tree located in an unknown location. Like other trees, the Undertree grows buds.[1]

Faerie Dragons[]

It is the birthplace of Puck, who was hatched from a chrysalis on a frond of the Undertree, indicating a relationship with Faerie Dragons. Young Faerie Dragons who hatch on the Undertree proceed to nourish themselves by consuming the tree's roots, leaves, and stalks.[2]


  1. Puck response: ▶️ Were you a bud of the Undertree? We could be no better companions.
  2. Puck response: ▶️ Hatched on a frond of the Undertree, I devoured leaf, stalk, root and all of my sibs. Yet, only halfway through this Eon, I already hunger for more!