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Heroes:Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight
Characters:Dowager Queen Tansis XII
Tansis XIII
Cosmetics:Uldorak's Hide Set

Uldorak was a Time-Dragon who terrorized the kingdom of Candoness for many generations. Whenever a new monarch was named, Uldorak appeared, demanding tribute in the form of gold and magical trinkets.[1] Tired of such demands, Dowager Queen Tansis XII called on Sir Davion, the Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight to ambush Uldorak on the day of her son's coronation. Accustomed to submission from the people of Candoness, Uldorak did not expect resistance, and was slain by Davion.[2]

The newly crowned king, Tansis XIII, was extremely grateful for Davion's deed, and rewarded him with a new set of armor, mounted with the slain dragon's horns. Judging by the likeness of his helm, Uldorak was red, and had two horns.[3]