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The Time-Dragon Uldorak was a character in the lore of Dota 2.


Long ago, the dreaded presence of this Time-Dragon Uldorak fell upon the kingdom of Candoness. His appearance coincided with each passing of the Candonite Crown to a new king appearing with the intent of demanding and collecting tribute in the form of Gold and magic trinkets. Uldorak's tyranny and reign of terror spanned for many generations of the royal family of Candoness,[1] until Dowager Queen Tansis XII made the fateful decision of summoning Sir Davion (who has yet to meet Slyrak) to slay their oppressor.

Queen Tansis XII summoned Sir Davion to ambush Uldorak on the coronation day of her son Prince Tansis XIII. As usual, the oblivious and pampered Dragon appeared on her son's day of coronation, expecting no plots from the cowed people of Candoness. The Time-Dragon was ambushed by Sir Davion and they engaged in a fearsome duel that would determine the fate of the future generations of Candoness. The details of the surprise attack is unknown, but Sir Davion managed to kill Uldorak.[2]

With Uldorak's life out of the way, the relieved Tansis XIII was crowned as king and had the Wyrm Helm of Uldorak forged for Davion as a gift and reward.[3]

Personality and Mannerisms[]

  • Akin to most dragons, Uldorak hoards precious stuff that never belonged to him in the first place. Sourced from the reluctant tribute of Candoness, the hoard of Uldorak should be composed of loads of gold and magic trinkets that he accumulated for at most thirteen generations of the Candonite royal family.
  • Also like most dragons, Uldorak is cruel and lordly. Auroth states that one of the blights inflicted upon mortals by dragons is enslaving them, which is what he did to Candoness.[4]
  • His lordliness implies arrogance and thus he can be consumed by it. Generations of being spoiled by this realm of Candoness has led to his downfall, as he was accustomed to their subservience and didn't expect to be ambushed by Sir Davion on the day that should've been his usual collection of tribute.



Uldorak was drawn to that Kingdom of Candoness, possibly to collect stuff for his hoard. There, he would subjugate her people to his tyranny, appearing on every day of coronation to demand tributes in the form of Gold and magic trinkets.[1] It would seem that he oppressed and terrorized at most thirteen generations of the Kings of Candoness, as his reign of terror ended shortly before Tansis XIII was crowned king, thanks to Dowager Queen Tansis XII's decision to summon Sir Davion to slay Uldorak.


Summoned by Dowager Queen Tansis XII, Sir Davion the Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight is the brave slayer of Time-Dragon Uldorak, many years before the legendary confluence with the Eldwurm Slyrak. On the coronation day of Tansis XIII, Davion carried a shield that bore the crest of the Scaled Knights of Uthorian on the day he did battle with Uldorak.[5] Following his victory, he had a helm that was possibly forged with the likeness of Uldorak himself, gifted to him by the relieved and newly-crowned King Tansis XIII.[3] He also had Uldorak's crest horns fixed on his new pauldrons.[6] Sir Davion may have used the Named Sword known as Dragonmaw to slay him.[7]

Based on the name of the set that is the only mention of his lore, Uldorak's remains might have been forged into armor, just like the rest of the dragons slain by Davion.[8]


It's unknown if "Time-Dragon" was a title unique to Uldorak or an actual species of dragon. It's also unknown if his name implied any association with time.

Little is known about his physical appearance. Based on the helm that may or may not have his likeness, Uldorak might have had two forward-facing horns, red scales or dragon's hide, some sort of sharp beak, and green eyes.[3] He had at least two "crest horns" as well, possibly located on the top of his skull.[6]


  • Uldorak's likeness on the Wyrm Helm of Uldorak might have served as a reference for the designs of his Dragon's Blood counterpart and the earth dragons. The Earth Eldwurm and his children inherited the original Uldorak's pair of forward-facing horns and his green eyes.
    • This version of Uldorak from Dota: Dragon's Blood was also a Time-Dragon, albeit according to Ashley Miller, 'twas only a title made by his publicist that had nothing to do with time itself, but rather a way to express how ancient he is.[9] Complimenting his Time-Dragon title is the big clock that he wore around his neck.[10]


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