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Tyler Estate
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Associated with
Heroes Anti-Mage minimap icon.png Anti-Mage
Silencer minimap icon.png Silencer
Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Factions The Quorum
Places Weeping Rose
Characters Votajo
Items Witchbane

The Tyler Estate is a mysterious institution that works to enforce magical laws and punish rule-breakers. They work with The Quorum in the governance of Weeping Rose[1]. Anti-Mage and Nortrom are notable employees, working for them to capturing renegade magic users like Mireska[2][3], as is the Tyler Estate Censor, Votajo[4].

Inmates are experimented on at the Estate, with items such as the Witchbane being developed as a result.

Artifact Card Game Artifact[]

  • Unknown icon.png Pugna
    Artifact Card Game Hero Card
    Pugna Artifact.png
    Illus. Randy Vargas
    The Tyler Estate. It seeks to control magic. Punish those that violate rules set by the Quorum. But I will show them that some things cannot be controlled. And when the Tyler Estate Burns, I will set my sights on Weeping Rose itself.
    Pugna, Ill-Tempered Nihilist
  • Unknown icon.png Tyler Estate Censor
    Artifact Card Game Creep Card
    Tyler Estate Censor Artifact.png
    Illus. James Paick
    There is no such thing as forbidden magic in Weeping Rose - but some mistake the Quorums... open mindedness... as a license to be irresponsible. The Tyler Estate is what awaits those who would abuse the hospitality Weeping Rose provides.
    Votajo, Tyler Estate Censor
  • Unknown icon.png Sister of the Veil
    Artifact Card Game Creep Card
    Sister of the Veil Artifact.png
    Illus. Anthony Palumbo
    My role is not to question, but to act. It doesn't matter if you are a pauper in the street, a king on a a throne, or a mad wizard locked away in the Tyler Estate. If your name is given to me by The Veiled Sisters... your death is inevitable. The only question is when will I choose to take it..
    Hetheel, Sister of the Veil
  • Unknown icon.png Collateral Damage
    Artifact Card Game Spell Card
    Collateral Damage Artifact.png
    Illus. JiHun Lee
    Convincing The Antimage to work with the Tyler Estate wasn't an easy task, but it was worth it. He is... exuberant in his work.
    Silencer, on working with The Anti-Mage
  • Unknown icon.png The Tyler Estate
    Artifact Card Game Improvement Card
    The Tyler Estate Artifact.png
    Illus. Dimitar Marinski
    Most of the magical world acknowledges the authority of the Sapphire Conclave. But in Weeping Rose we govern ourselves, answering only to The Quorum, a senate of 31 powerful wizards. And while Weeping Rose is not home to many rules, the few we have are obeyed without question. Because to fail to do so is to be sent to the Tyler Estate.
    Vanessa, 'law abiding' citizen of Weeping Rose
  • Unknown icon.png Arcane Censure
    Artifact Card Game Spell Card
    Arcane Censure Artifact.png
    Illus. Alix Branwyn
    Many different types of wizards fall under my care in the Tyler Estate. I do not bother to learn their stories or their crimes... if the Quorum has sent them to me they are to be treated in the same manner. Harshly.
    Silencer, Warden of the Tyler Estate
  • Unknown icon.png Howling Mind
    Artifact Card Game Improvement Card
    Howling Mind Artifact.png
    Illus. James Paick
    It doesn't happen often, but every now and again a wizard is allowed to leave the Tyler Estate... though when they do they are irreparably changed.
    Vanessa, Occult Investigator


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