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Turn rate is the speed at which a unit can turn. When moving to a location, a unit first turns to face that location, then begins walking. Similarly, when targeting another unit with an attack or spell, a unit first turns until it is facing the target, and then continues with the action. A unit only starts moving, or only starts casting a spell on a targeted area or point when the target is within 11.5°[1] angle in front of the ordered unit. This can make kiting more difficult, as the hero has to spend time turning towards and away from the target with each attack.

Every unit has a base turn rate, which can be lowered by some abilities. The vast majority of heroes have a turn rate between 0.6 and 0.5, meaning it takes between 0.15 and 0.19 seconds for the hero to make a 180° turn.

There are currently no Talent talents that improve turn rate.


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Turn rate is expressed in radians per 0.03 seconds. A 180° turn is the same as (3.1416) radians, therefore 0.03 divided by the turn rate of the unit equals the time it takes to turn 180°.

Turn rate is defined as

With t being the time it takes to turn around and T the turn rate sources.

Turn rate slow directly affects the base turn rate, and all sources of turn rate slow stack multiplicatively.

With TSet being the Set Turn Rate Value, Tb the Base Turn Rate, r the Turn Rate Slow Value and a the Turn Rate Improve Value.

A unit does not immediately start turning at the highest rate it can turn. The turn rate ramps as the unit starts turning, reaching the unit's max turn rate after a certain amount of time. The rate at which the turn rate ramps up is unknown.

If a unit starts turning due to an ability or item cast order (by targeting a point, area or unit which is not within the required 11.5° facing angle), the turning cannot be canceled by a move, attack or a new spell cast order. Because the 11.5° angle can be in either direction, this creates a 23° angle directly in front of the hero allowing instant actions on any target within 23°. For any target beyond this angle, the hero must wait until they turn before the action occurs. The above formula is used to find the maximum time, so the time until the action takes place is actually ≤ 168.5°.

Any command ordered while turning due to a spell cast order gets queued up and executed once the spell is cast. In order to cancel the spell or ability cast, the player must issue a stop or halt command, in the same way how to cancel spell during its cast animation. This is to prevent accidental canceling of casts due to fast clicking. Issuing a stop or halt command (with S) does not stop the unit from turning if it has already started to turn, but stops the order which initiated the turning. For example, this allows Templar Assassin minimap icon Templar Assassin to turn during Meld icon Meld without canceling the ability, as long as the move command is stopped before the targeted point is within the required angle.


Example 1
Earthshaker minimap icon Earthshaker is affected by a turn rate slow of 70%. What is his current actual turn rate? How long would it take for him to turn 180°?
Earthshaker minimap icon Earthshaker affected by a turn rate slow of 70% has a lowered turn rate of 0.27 and it takes him roughly 0.349s to turn 180° in this example.
Example 2
Earthshaker minimap icon Earthshaker is affected by two turn rate slows of 70% and 50%. What is his current actual turn rate? How long would it take for him to turn 180°?
Earthshaker minimap icon Earthshaker affected by two turn rate slow of 70% and 50% has a lowered turn rate of 0.135 and it takes him roughly 0.698s to turn 180° in this example.

Turn Rate Comparison[]

Heroes Turn rate
Abaddon minimap iconAncient Apparition minimap iconAxe minimap iconBane minimap iconBroodmother minimap iconCentaur Warrunner minimap iconChaos Knight minimap iconClinkz minimap iconCrystal Maiden minimap iconDark Seer minimap iconDawnbreaker minimap iconDisruptor minimap iconDoom minimap iconDragon Knight minimap iconElder Titan minimap iconEnigma minimap iconJakiro minimap iconLegion Commander minimap iconLeshrac minimap iconLuna minimap iconLycan minimap iconMedusa minimap iconMonkey King minimap iconOutworld Destroyer minimap iconPrimal Beast minimap iconShadow Shaman minimap iconSlardar minimap iconSnapfire minimap iconTimbersaw minimap iconViper minimap iconWeaver minimap iconZeus minimap icon 0.6
Dazzle minimap iconKeeper of the Light minimap iconLich minimap iconOracle minimap iconSlark minimap iconVoid Spirit minimap icon 0.7
Mars minimap iconStorm Spirit minimap icon 0.8
Bristleback minimap iconEarthshaker minimap iconHoodwink minimap iconLifestealer minimap iconMarci minimap iconMeepo minimap iconPangolier minimap iconPuck minimap icon 0.9
Turn Rate to Time Required to turn 180° Conversion
Turn Rate 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1
Time 0.393s 0.314s 0.262s 0.224s 0.196s 0.175s 0.157s


Units Turn rate
Fountain 0
Proximity Mine 0.4
Ancient Frostbitten Golem, Ancient Granite Golem, Ancient Rock Golem, Astral Spirit, Courier, Death Ward, Earth, Fire, Flagbearer Creep, Forged Spirit, Healing Ward, Ignis Fatuus, Lycan Lane Wolf, Lycan Wolf, Mega Flagbearer Creep, Mega Melee Creep, Mega Ranged Creep, Mega Siege Creep, Melee Creep, Minor Imp, Necronomicon Archer, Necronomicon Warrior, Plague Ward, Ranged Creep, Shard Golem, Siege Creep, Skeleton Archer, Spiderite, Spiderling, Storm, Super Flagbearer Creep, Super Melee Creep, Super Ranged Creep, Super Siege Creep, Tornado, Treant, Undying Zombie, Void, Warlock Golem, Warpine Raider, Wraith King Skeleton 0.5
Boar, Hawk, Spirit Bear 0.6
Tempest Double 0.7
Alpha Wolf, Ancient Black Dragon, Ancient Black Drake, Ancient Ice Shaman, Ancient Rumblehide, Ancient Thunderhide, Centaur Conqueror, Centaur Courser, Dark Troll Summoner, Eidolon, Familiar, Fell Spirit, Ghost, Giant Wolf, Harpy Scout, Harpy Stormcrafter, Hellbear, Hellbear Smasher, Hill Troll, Hill Troll Berserker, Hill Troll Priest, Kobold, Kobold Foreman, Kobold Soldier, Mud Golem, Ogre Bruiser, Ogre Frostmage, Satyr Banisher, Satyr Mindstealer, Satyr Tormenter, Skeleton Warrior, Vhoul Assassin, Wildwing, Wildwing Ripper 0.9
Anchor, Phantom, Roshan, Serpent Ward, Tormentor, Tower (Tier 1), Tower (Tier 2), Tower (Tier 3), Tower (Tier 4) 1

Modifying Turn Rate[]

Several abilities and items have abilities that slows or improve turn rate. For better readability, some of the turn rates in Hero pages are given as degrees per second, instead of radians per 0.03 seconds.

Turn Rate Slowing Abilities[]

The following abilities slows turn rate:

Turn Rate Slowing Abilities
1 Requires Talent talent.
2a Requires Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter.
2b Requires Aghanim's Shard icon Aghanim's Shard.

Turn Rate Improving Abilities[]

The following abilities improve the turn rate:

Turn Rate Improving Sources

Turn Rate Setting Abilities[]

Set Turn Rate ( ) sets a unit's turn rate to a fixed value for the duration, so it cannot be altered by other effects.

The following abilities sets turn rate to the given value for the duration.

Turn Rate Setting Abilities
  • Jetpack icon
    Turn Rate: 0.039
    Duration: 6
    Sets Clockwerk's turn rate while the ability is active.
  • Sharpshooter icon
    Turn Rate: 0.031
    Max Aim Time: 5
    Sets Hoodwink's turn rate while the ability is active.
  • Sun Ray icon
    Turn Rate: 0.013
    Ray Duration: 5
    Sets Phoenix's turn rate while the ability is active.
  • Rolling Thunder icon
    Turn Rate: 0.288
    Turn Rate After Start/Jump/Bounce: 0.351
    Turn Rate Boost Duration: 0.25
    Rolling Thunder Duration: 0.8/1/1.2 (Talent )
    Sets Pangolier's turn rate while the ability is active.
    When boosted, adds on an extra 120° per second, effectively increases the turn rate to 670 per second for that time.
  • Roll Up icon
    Turn Rate: 0.144
    Roll Duration on Attack: 50%
    Roll Up Duration: 0.75
    Sets Pangolier's turn rate while the ability is active. Pangolier does not roll during Roll Up, if an attack of a hero lands on him, he rolls for 50% seconds.

Abilities Preventing Turning[]

The following abilities completely prevent the affected unit from turning:

Abilities Preventing Turning

Recent Changes[]

Main Article: Turn Rate/Changelogs
  • Increased Meepo minimap icon Meepos' turn rate from 0.7 to 0.9.