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This page is about the race of trolls in Dota 2 lore. For the hero, see Troll Warlord minimap icon.png Troll Warlord.
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Characters Brag Sharpeye

Trolls are a race in Dota 2.


Trolls are humanoid creatures that have varying body shapes, from athletic builds to crooked physiques. Their lower jaws have two fangs that may or may not protrude from the corners of their mouths, much like some species of ogres. The size of these fangs may vary between each troll. As a species, the amount of fingers and toes they have can vary between each troll. Trolls can have a minimum of three fingers, but some may have four[1] or even five fingers.[2] This is also applicable to their toes, but the amount of toes and fingers that one troll can have isn't always equal to each other.[3] Trolls also have pointed ears and pointed noses that face downwards.

Depending on the species, trolls can have different skin colors. Green colored skin is commonly seen in hill trolls and dark trolls, but some trolls have chartreuse skin. Jah'rakal has red colored skin, something that has not been seen among other trolls.


The intelligence of trolls can vary between subspecies, but in general they are fairly intelligent beings. They are intelligent enough to form societies and properly enunciate their respective tongues. Some of the wiser trolls have the intelligence to utilize magic, even at a young age.[4]


The culture of trolls can vary between subspecies and populations. Some trolls are more accustomed to the mundane life of living in societies with their own kin or with other people, but some trolls are more esoteric and arcane. Trolls can quickly adapt to different cultures when exposed to them long enough.[5]

To those trolls who dabble in the arcane, they are commonly known to use haruspicy, a form of divination that involves the inspection of the entrails and remains of living things to see the future.[6][7][8]


Hill Trolls[]

A separate population of trolls live in the Bleeding Hills, and are referred to as hill trolls. Rhasta, the Shadow Shaman minimap icon.png Shadow Shaman, is half hill-troll. Jah'rakal believes hill trolls are the weakest of trolls, and can be barely considered trolls at all.[9][10]

Some hill trolls have a degree of combat skill. Hill trolls who prefer hand-to-hand combat may wield akimbo crude axes or one crude axe with a cowhide shield on their offhand. Hill trolls also wield magic, such as the priests who have the ability to replenish the health and mana of their allies.[11]

Dark Trolls[]

The Dark Trolls are an esoteric group of trolls with the ability to raise the dead.[12] While the exact location of their homeland is unknown, it can be presumed that they live somewhere in the landmass where Stonehall is located. They are known to be forest dwellers, but a forest fire has led them to abandon their home. In response, the Dark Troll chieftain J'Muy led the few remaining trolls on an exodus to Weeping Rose, where he seeks an audience with the Quorum to grant them asylum.[13] The Dark Trolls may either be a group that consists of an existing troll species who are only differentiated by their necromantic powers or an entirely different kind of troll.

Monger Trolls[]

Monger trolls[14] are native to the Hoven lands, where they are born and raised in the underground dens of their parents. They are easily offended and unfriendly to other people, even going so far as to argue with their own kind with raised voices. Long after they have grown past the age of maturity, they will stubbornly refuse to leave their quarters while freeloading off of their parents' supplies until they are forced out into the world. From there, they form packs of monger trolls who participate in all sorts of misconduct.

Jah'rakal, the Troll Warlord minimap icon.png Troll Warlord, is a monger troll that was considered intolerable by his former gang. He was beaten and banished from their camp, but he came back to slay his "cohorts" before he became the troll that he is today.


Some Trolls live in the mountainous valleys of Knollen, where they are hostile with the Keen. Brag Sharpeye, Sniper minimap icon.png Sniper's grandfather, was known to shoot the toes off trolls from great distances.[15]

Beatrix Snapfire has met trolls before, which she tried to be nice to, but always ended poorly.[16]

Trolls are sometimes hunted by Oglodi, but not always successfully.[17]


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