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This page is about the race of treants in Dota 2 lore. For the hero, see Treant Protector.
Treant Protectors
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Heroes Treant Protector minimap icon.png Treant Protector
Timbersaw minimap icon.png Timbersaw
Places Vale of Augury
Augury Bay
Gods Spirit of Nature
Species Stuntwood

Treant Protectors are an ancient race that resemble large, mobile trees. They are usually hidden among the foliage and rarely seen.[1] Charged with protecting their land and its secrets, the Protectors are extremely long-lived and notoriously fierce in their duties. Because of their longevity, time appears to pass quickly for them, and patience is one of their natural virtues. Like normal trees, Treant Protectors possess the same plant characteristics. They consume water through their roots, which double as feet.[2] Lifesap flows through their bodies,[3] which grow and bloom,[4][5] and require sunlight for nourishment.[6] Unlike regular plants, however, they appear to need sleep.[7] Because of their self-imposed isolation, Treant Protectors know little of things in the outside world, as evidenced by Rooftrellen's confusion when met with gold and items.[8][9]

Sworn to defend the helpless,[10] Treant Protectors are able to sap the life from trespassers, transferring their vitality to their allies.[11] Their roots and tendrils reach far and wide, where they emerge to shield and rejuvenate allies.[12] As expected, the Protectors fear axes and fire, and heroes who wield them.[13]

The best known Protector is Rooftrellen, sent out by his kind to explore the world, and report any threats that could endanger their homeland.[14] On his forehead, Rooftrellen wears a special runestone. What this signifies is unknown. Whether or not the Treant Protectors are related to Nature's Prophet minimap icon.png Nature's Prophet's treants is also unknown. Rooftrellen can summon the Spirit of Nature to release its power, causing an Overgrowth of vines and roots. It is unknown whether this ability is unique to him, or available to all Protectors.[15]

It is generally assumed that Treant Protectors attacked Augury Bay, destroying the city and killing its inhabitants. A flood preceded the attack, during which the attacks took "root" beyond the city walls. During this attack, it was revealed by Rizzrack that the Protectors strangled residents to death with vines, and their blooming flowers floated on the waters, releasing toxic clouds of pollen. [16] It is likely that Rooftrellen was the one to identify Augury Bay as a threat, and therefore called on subsequent Protectors to assault the city.


The Treant Protectors live within unnamed mountains beyond the Vale of Augury, far to the west. Within the woods lies the remains of an ancient power that continuously emits a strange energy. The life forms in this land are dangerous and unusual, including "all-consuming grasses", crossbred animals, and poisonous flowers. It is a sacred, hidden place, but not to outsiders, who arrived to cut and burn down the forest. Some Protectors may also inhabit Roseleaf.[17]

The Protectors were able to defend their lands, apparently killing the intruders. Faced with this threat, the Protectors spent a long period of time to discuss their situation, and finally decided to send out Rooftrellen to observe the outside world.[14]

Walking Trees[]

Described by Rizzrack, a group of "Walking Trees" laid waste to Augury Bay, killing its inhabitants.[18] These walking trees may be reasonably assumed to be the Treant Protectors, for two reasons:

  • Rizzrack's people was evidently a technological one, with the ability to create machinery to cut down trees. From the Treant Protectors' perspective, this would make them a threat, and therefore a target for destruction.
  • Given the similar toponyms of Augury Bay and Vale of Augury, one can assume the locations are close to each other, and therefore the first to be discovered and attacked.
  • The residents of Augury Bay were killed by entangling vines and roots, similar to Treant Protector's Overgrowth.[18]

Contradicting this theory is the fact that Treant Protectors are generally benevolent, resorting to violence only when needed to stop trespassers. Furthermore, only one Protector, Rooftrellen, was sent out into the outside world. However, due to the Treant Protectors' extremely long view of time, more events may have transpired since his departure. Timbersaw minimap icon.png Timbersaw was also added to Dota 2 seven months after Treant Protector minimap icon.png Treant Protector, making this theory plausible.

Although the parasitic stuntwood is normally deadly to trees, the Treant Protectors seem to welcome their presence.[19]


  • The events of Augury Bay may have been inspired by the events of 'The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers', "The Last March of the Ents".


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