Tools of the Haruspex Set

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Tools of the Haruspex Set
Cosmetic icon Tools of the Haruspex Set.png
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Lone Druid
Rarity: Mythical

Contains all of the items in the 'Tools of the Haruspex' for Lone Druid.
Created By
Tools of the Haruspex
Claw of the Haruspex
Cloak of the Haruspex
Gilded Mark of the Haruspex
Sacrificial Blade of the Haruspex
Spirit of Calm

Set Items[edit]


Spirit Bear[edit]

Very minor idle and run animations not shown.

Customization Type Preview Bound To
Spawn Animation1 Spirit of Calm Spawn.gif
Idle Rare Animation Spirit of Calm Idle Rare.gif
Attack 1 Animation1 Spirit of Calm Attack.gif
Attack 2 Animation1
Attack 3 Animation1
Savage Roar Animation1 Spirit of Calm Savage Roar.gif
Stunned Animation1 Spirit of Calm Stunned.gif
Death Animation1 Spirit of Calm Death.gif

1 Same animations used for Spirit of Anger.


Spirit Bear