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Time of day is a gameplay element in Dota 2 that operates alongside the game's clock. Certain mechanics behave differently depending on the time of day.

Day-Night Cycle[]

The Day/Night indicator in the default HUD.

Each day in Dota 2 is 10 minutes long, divided evenly between daytime and nighttime. Each match starts out at night-time during the preparation phase pre-horn. Once the ▶️▶️ horn sounds (Radiant/Dire) and the game time reaches 0:00, the first dawn starts. The first night begins at 5:00, the second day starts at 10:00, and so on. Shifting from day to night and vice versa is signaled by an audio cue, with nighttime being announced with a wolf's howl ▶️, while daytime is announced with bird's tweet and rooster's crow ▶️. Some custom maps may have their own version of these audio cues.

At night, the map is darker and most units experience reduced vision, as detailed below. Additionally, some heroes have their abilities modified according to the time of day, with the most notable example being Night Stalker minimap icon.png Night Stalker.

Alt+Keyboard White Mouse Right.png Right Click the clock prints the time in allied chat, and also prints whether Bounty Rune minimap icon.png Bounty Rune and/or Powerup runes are spawning soon.

Game Clock Modifying Abilities[]

The following abilities can change the current time of day, but these abilities do not pause the day-night cycle.

Game Clock Modifying Abilities According to Priority
  • Supernova icon.png
    Duration: 6
    Turns night into day for its duration.
  • Eclipse icon.png
    Duration: 2.4/4.2/6
    Turns day into night for 10 seconds. Eclipse has a lower priority than the daytime caused by Supernova.
  • Dark Ascension icon.png
    Duration: 30
    Turns day into night for its duration. Dark Ascension has a lower priority than the daytime caused by Supernova.

Affected Abilities[]


Main Article: Vision

Most heroes have vision during the day of 1800 units and at night vision of 800 units, although many exceptions exist.


The following heroes have a Talent talent that grants them bonus vision.

Bonus Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25
Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right
Night Vision
  • Spirit Breaker minimap icon.png +500

There are currently no Talent talents that increases vision during the day.

Version History[]

  • Matches now starts at nighttime during the preparation phase, and turn to day once the timer reaches 0:00.
  • Increased daytime/nighttime length from 240 to 300.
  • Darkness no longer stops the day/night cycle anymore.
  • Reduced daytime/nighttime length from 360 to 240.
  • Reduced daytime/nighttime length from 480 to 300. [?]
  • Eclipse now turns day into night for 10 seconds.

Patch History[]

  • Added Alt+Keyboard White Mouse Left.png Left Click the clock to print the time, indicating how much time left on day or night.
  • Alt now displays the time pre-horn instead of just showing either daytime or nighttime.
  • [U] Fixed rune spawn times and day-night-cycle offset in longer matches.
  • Alt+Keyboard White Mouse Left.png Left Click the clock now prints the current game time.
  • Fixed day-night-cycle duration as well as initial state being a bit off.
  • Updated and added new day-night-cycle display.
  • Added new sounds to indicate daytime and nighttime.
  • Updated and cleaned up the visual transition between the day-night-cycle.
  • Updated day-night-cycle indicator.
  • Added day-night-cycle indicator.