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Entering battle


  • ▶️ This one is in the bag. And that one is too. And that one! They are all in the bag.

Beginning battle


6 seconds cooldown


6 seconds cooldown

Ordering a spell cast

Only when distance is at least 2x the cast range, 4 seconds cooldown


Whirling Death icon Whirling Death
On cast
15% chance

Timber Chain icon Timber Chain
Reaching tree
50% chance


Reactive Armor icon Reactive Armor

Chakram icon Chakram
On cast
50% chance

Killing enemy
20% chance

Return Chakram icon Return Chakram
On cast

5% chance

Tango icon Tango
On cast
15% chance

5% chance

Iron Branch icon Iron Branch
On cast
1% chance

Ironwood Tree icon Ironwood Tree
On cast

Woodland Striders icon Woodland Striders
On cast
75% chance

30% chance

Leveling up

Killing an enemy

Killing a specific enemy
35% chance

  • ▶️ Troll Warlord minimap icon You mad? Cuz I am! Hahah!
  • ▶️ Treant Protector minimap icon I got you. I got you! I chopped you down.
  • ▶️ Treant Protector minimap icon Ha! You're sawdust!
  • ▶️ Treant Protector minimap icon Oh you gave me a splinter!
  • ▶️ Treant Protector minimap icon If you fall in the woods, and I laugh, will anyone hear me?
  • ▶️ Treant Protector minimap icon Nature's Prophet minimap icon Trees do have a way of dying around me!
  • ▶️ Nature's Prophet minimap icon Your friends are next, Prophet!
  • ▶️ Nature's Prophet minimap icon Oh don't die yet. I'm not finished with you.
  • ▶️ Faceless Void minimap icon Saw that coming.
  • ▶️ Bane minimap icon Finally, I haven't slept in weeks.
  • ▶️ Invoker minimap icon So much for your delusions of grandeur.
  • ▶️ Enchantress minimap icon Treehugger.
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon It is never gonna be like it was before!
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon You think your cookies are soo special!
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon Here's what I think of your lizard! And your cookies! And you!
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon Goodbye, auntie! Good thing mom is not alive to see this..
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon While you were off perfecting your craft, your kin were dying!
  • ▶️ Monkey King minimap icon Oh I saw right through you, Wukong, you were with them from the start!
  • ▶️ Monkey King minimap icon Where are your precious trees now, Wukong?
  • ▶️ Monkey King minimap icon Sympathizer!
  • ▶️ Pangolier minimap icon I don't need therapy!
  • ▶️ Pangolier minimap icon Keep those tales of justice to yourself, my thing is revenge!.. and Prevenge!
  • ▶️ Dark Willow minimap icon I thought you of all fae would understand.
  • ▶️ Dark Willow minimap icon I knew the fae can't be trusted. Ha, too cozy with the trees!
  • ▶️ Grimstroke minimap icon It looked like a tree branch.
  • ▶️ Grimstroke minimap icon Don't you swing that thing at me!
  • ▶️ Mars minimap icon Turned over new leaf, eh? Hm, sounds like tree stuff!
  • ▶️ Void Spirit minimap icon Oh, I already know the secret, thank you. Cut cut, Cut cut!

20% chance

  • ▶️ Queen of Pain minimap icon Naga Siren minimap icon Not listening. Not listening. Not listening.

15% chance

  • ▶️ Chaos Knight minimap icon Phantom Lancer minimap icon Meepo minimap icon Not so tough without your friends, are you?

10% chance

  • ▶️ Faceless Void minimap icon Saw that coming. Ha! Get it?
  • ▶️ Batrider minimap icon Lina minimap icon I was never really interested in fire, I don't know why.

First Blood

  • ▶️ First blood! I cut you, and I split you, and I killed you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Meeting an ally

During earlygame, within 1000 radius

  • ▶️ Treant Protector minimap icon r There's…a giant…tree-person…right next to me. Stay calm. Ha ha ha ha. Just stay calm.
  • ▶️ Treant Protector minimap icon u There's…a giant…tree-person…next to me. Ha ha. Stay calm. Hi there. Stay calm!
  • ▶️ Nature's Prophet minimap icon r You.. make.. tree-people… Okay P-prophet, I don't think we can be friends.
  • ▶️ Axe minimap icon r An axe to grind. Oh good! Ye-good good good we'll need that!
  • ▶️ Pudge minimap icon r Wood carving, meat carving. Same thing, right Pudge?
  • ▶️ Batrider minimap icon r Some slash and burn, Batrider?
  • ▶️ Phantom Lancer minimap icon r So how do you keep track of all those personalities?
  • ▶️ Enchantress minimap icon r Why are you so perky, Enchantress? Can't you see what's happening?
  • ▶️ Enigma minimap icon r I'm under enough pressure without your help, Enigma.
  • ▶️ Dark Seer minimap icon r Ah, Dark Seer. Finally someone who appreciates a wall without padding.
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon r Oh, sure. Now you're happy to help? Where were you before?
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon r You show more love for that lizard than your own family!
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon r Oh. Hello, auntie. Let's keep this brief.
  • ▶️ Snapfire minimap icon r Keep that dumb lizard away from me!
  • ▶️ Monkey King minimap icon r You seem a little too fond of trees, friend.
  • ▶️ Monkey King minimap icon r I will cut where I wanna cut, and you will deal with it!
  • ▶️ Pangolier minimap icon r Lose your empathy for the trees, and we'll make a great team.
  • ▶️ Pangolier minimap icon r This isn't fun and games, it's life and death. Lots and lots of death!
  • ▶️ Dark Willow minimap icon r Hm, those brambles are like baby trees.. I'm watching you.
  • ▶️ Dark Willow minimap icon r Okay, I will grant, that maybe fire is useful. Sometimes.
  • ▶️ Grimstroke minimap icon r Oh, I'll cut you some nice brushes. Yes, very nice brushes..
  • ▶️ Mars minimap icon r Uh, piece of advice: Stabbing doesn't work on trees.
  • ▶️ Sniper minimap icon r I don't know if you've heard, but she's back. Don't risk talking to her and you'll be fine.
  • ▶️ Clockwerk minimap icon r Snap another layer of plate on your armor, granny's back!
  • ▶️ Techies minimap icon r All I'm saying is don't cozy up to the wrong sort. Like her!

Last hitting

60 seconds cooldown


Requires visible enemy player within 1000 radius, 60 seconds cooldown

Acquiring an item

  • ▶️ r Hey that is a crazy bargain.
  • ▶️ r You're selling me this? And they call me crazy?
  • ▶️ r I have never wanted anything else.

Acquiring a specific item

25% chance

10% chance



5% chance

  • ▶️ You know I'm really not a fan of that dying thing. No, it's not for me.


Bottling Runes

Activating runes

Arcane Rune minimap icon Arcane Rune

Bounty Rune minimap icon Bounty Rune

Double Damage Rune minimap icon Double Damage Rune

25% chance

Haste Rune minimap icon Haste Rune

25% chance

  • ▶️ Run run run runrunrunrunrunrunrunrunrun!

Illusion Rune minimap icon Illusion Rune

25% chance

Invisibility Rune minimap icon Invisibility Rune

25% chance

Regeneration Rune minimap icon Regeneration Rune

25% chance

Ability on cooldown

First attempt within 10 seconds

Second attempt within 10 seconds

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

Not enough mana

First attempt within 10 seconds

Second attempt within 10 seconds

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

Taking damage

3 seconds cooldown

25% chance


5 consecutive clicks on the hero

  • ▶️ Someone once told me I needed to face fear to get over it, and I thought well why not take a step further and cut my fear into little pieces then set my fear on fire then throw the hot ash of my fear into a lake and then poison the lake. Simple!
  • ▶️ I'm not a lumberjack, and no, I'm not okay. I thank you.
  • ▶️ Trees? Well nobody said anything about trees.
  • ▶️ It is dangerous out there.

Chat responses

Lane missing

thx, thanks, ty, or ally casts certain spell on player, 30 seconds cooldown

/laugh, haha, lol, 15 seconds cooldown

Match end



  • ▶️ Defeated!
  • ▶️ No escape! No escape! They they're gonna find me! They'll get me I'm telling you I know it they cz vz mm!
  • ▶️ No! No no!

Cosmetic item drop



  • ▶️ Who told you I wanted this? Who? I want to thank them!

Rare and higher

  • ▶️ This! This is what I have always wanted! Always!
  • ▶️ Oh! Oh! Oh-oh-you see this? You see? Oh this is what I've always wanted! Oh I'm so happy!