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Tier 4 Token is a Neutral Item Token dropped by neutral creeps.

Tier 4 Token
Tier 4 Token icon
Tier 4 Neutral Drop
Bonus ?
Shareable Yes
Usage Alert ? No
Drop Rate 10% (Ancient Camps 30%)
Availability 36:40 (16:39) game-time
Tier 4 Token

Additional Information[]

No Target
Activate to redeem a Neutral Item of its tier.
Item per Token: 1
Number of Choices: 5
Number of Items per Player: 1

  • Upon activation, the wielder can choose 1 out of 5 random neutral items of the token's tier.
    • The token is consumed once the neutral item is chosen, and the neutral item chosen is granted.
  • The neutral item granted is not shareable, and a player can redeem 1 neutral item per tier.
    • Neutral items claimed are not shareable and are muted when in other players' inventory.
  • Each player has its own selection of neutral items, bound to the player.
    • Neutral tokens cannot be exchanged between players for a different selection of neutral items.
    • However, the tokens are fully shareable and can be sent to the Neutral Stash.
  • Neutral Tokens can be used in the backpack, and cannot be equipped in the inventory.

Tier 4 Items[]

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