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The Tidemarsh is a coastal region infamous for its amphibious and carnivorous anemones.


This place is home to a vast area of amphibious anemones that are easily mistaken for terrestrial trees. The entangled roads of this region resemble capillaries both visually and metaphorically, for the intertwined lanes serve as passageway for unsuspecting travelers to be consumed as sustenance for the anemones of this place.[1]


It is located near the Wailing Mountains and the Ruelands. However, its location in the world of Dota 2 is ambiguous due to having an inconsistent placement in the Dota 2 map, as well as said map being outdated and removed from the game since the Reborn update.[2]

Notable Inhabitants[]

The sadistic denizens of Tidemarsh live on the border of this place in huts. They are known to mislead unwitting travelers and lost strangers into entering the Tidemarsh to be eaten by the anemones without discriminating them for their business in Tidemarsh. In return, the "trees" of Tidemarsh stay within the borders of this land, but every night they slowly creep out into the surrounding lands.

Following his escape from Dark Reef, Slark minimap icon.png Slark has secretly escaped to a carnivorous mangrove scrub.[3] This unnamed place may be the Tidemarsh for the following reasons:

  • In Slark's bio, the place of his escape is described as a scrub of carnivorous mangroves. The carnivorous mangroves may refer to the dangerous anemones that are oft mistaken for trees.
  • A scrub may refer to any kind of undergrowth, which includes mangroves, a kind of shrub.[4] Mangroves are amphibious due to being able to thrive on land when tides are low and on sea when flooded by the tide. Just like mangroves, the carnivorous anemones are amphibious.
  • The Tidemarsh is a place full of sadistic people who scam travelers of their lives, implying that it might be a hub for criminal activity. As a criminal, Slark may have chosen this place to fit in.


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