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The Wolf Hunter
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Bundle 20583
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Lone Druid
Rarity: Mythical

Contains all of the items in 'The Wolf Hunter' set for Lone Druid plus Spirit Bear, True Form and loading screens.
Created By
Hero's Heirloom, TI4 Secret Shop
The Wolf Hunter
Claw of the Wolf Hunter
Hair of the Wolf Hunter
Pauldron of the Wolf Hunter
Robe of the Wolf Hunter
Trophy of the Wolf Hunter
Form of the Wolf Hunter
Spirit of Anger
The Wolf Hunter Loading Screen
The Wolf Hunter Spirit Bear Loading Screen

Set Items

The Wolf Hunter
The Wolf Hunter

This set comes with two loading screens.

Promo Edition[]

A promotional edition of this set was given out to players who purchased an Economy Card from the shop venue at The International 2014. These editions came in Genuine quality, and included an Autograph Rune of its creator. Promotional bundles have the word "Promo" in their names.



True Form[]

Very minor attack, run, and idle custom animations not shown. The default idle rare animation is removed when this item is equipped.

Customization Type Preview Bound To
Battle Cry Animation Form of the Wolf Hunter Battle Cry.gif
Stunned Animation Form of the Wolf Hunter Stunned.gif
Haste Animation Form of the Wolf Hunter Haste.gif
Defeat Animation Form of the Wolf Hunter Defeat.gif

Spirit Bear[]

Very minor idle and run animations not shown.

Customization Type Preview Bound To
Spawn Animation1 Spirit of Anger Spawn.gif
Idle Rare Animation Spirit of Anger Idle Rare.gif
Attack 1 Animation1 Spirit of Anger Attack.gif
Attack 2 Animation1
Attack 3 Animation1
Savage Roar Animation1, 2 Spirit of Anger Savage Roar.gif
Stunned Animation1 Spirit of Anger Stunned.gif
Death Animation1 Spirit of Anger Death.gif

1 Same animations used for Spirit of Calm.
2 Currently not functional.


True Form
Spirit Bear

Patch History[]

  • Fixed broken idle rare animations.