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The Wailing One
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Heroes Brewmaster minimap icon.png Brewmaster
Factions Order of the Oyo
Places Wailing Mountains
The Seven Planes
Gods Primordial Consciousness

The Wailing One is a creator deity in the lore of Dota 2. The Wailing Mountains may have been named after it.


According to a creation myth that the Order of the Oyo believes in, the Wailing One is a divine consciousness that was responsible for the creation of the world. The myth explains that the Wailing One was once a whole entity until it conceived a single paradoxical thought. The Wailing One could not think this thought and become one being and thus it was rent asunder, its many fragments forming the multiplanar universe of today.

Today, the various ranks of the ancient Order of the Oyo—ranging from its Aesthetes to its Brewmasters—strive to find the answer to the one paradoxical thought that the Wailing One could not answer. The one thought that would reunite the material and spiritual planes back to what it was in the beginning.[1][2]


The lore about the Wailing One sounds very similar to the lore surrounding the entity known as Arc Warden minimap icon.png Arc Warden and its origin, the one Primordial Consciousness. Although both stories have their differences, they both mention a primordial mind that predated all of existence and was subsequently shattered to witness all of creation.

Such speculation is supported even further when the Wailing Mountains' wheel books that usually sing of the great rift in all of existence sing a new song of conflict that is implied to portend the battle of the Ancients, who also sprang from an ancient consciousness.[3][4]


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