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The Void
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Places The Outworld
Not to be confused with Void Spirit.

The Void (also known as the Outer Dark[1][2] or the Abyss[3]) is a mysterious area frequently mentioned in the Outworld Destroyer's lore.

According to the description of Astral Imprisonment, the Void is a "pocket" located between "this world" (likely the Terrene Plane or the unnamed planet housing the Ancients) and the Outworld. Anyone who gets trapped in this world by Harbinger is subject to the realization and contemplation of their inferior knowledge and vulnerability to death.

Even though the Void is a realm of inscrutable horror, it is merely a place of reflection and peace to the dark one who has mastered this ominous place.[4]


The Outworld[]

The jagged crystalline Outworld can be found near this area, floating at the edge of this place.[5]


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