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The game map

The Underhollow is a dungeon brawl in which eight teams of three players must battle and evade each other on a maze-like map in search of Roshefort, Roshan's rarest cheese. This game mode is only available to owners of The International 2018 Battle Pass.


General information[]

The center of the map

  • Be the last team standing to win.
  • Dead allies can be revived to 50% HP/MP by clicking on their gravestone and waiting a few seconds.
    • If an enemy dies, but their team remains alive, you can eliminate the enemy completely by clicking on their gravestone. This takes 20 seconds.
  • A team is defeated when all its members are dead.
  • Eliminate other players to acquire their gold and items.
    • You can prevent this by moving your items to stash while you are dead.
  • An "Eye of Roshan" appears regularly on the map:
    • Gives Ground vision and True Sight in ~700 AOE (also works against Shadow Dance).
    • Most often appears in rooms where teams meet and fight.
    • Sometimes follows the last remaining player on the team.


  • Players can pick from most of the heroes available in Dota. Their abilities remain unchanged from the base game of Dota.
  • Heroes start at Level 1, and have an Enchanted Mango icon.png Enchanted Mango, The Underhollow Escape Potion icon.png Escape Potion, and two Healing Salve icon.png Healing Salves.

Unavailable Heroes[]

Attribute Heroes
Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
Agility attribute symbol.png Agility
Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence


  • Clearing a room of enemy NPCs spawns a treasure chest at the center of the room, which drops gold bags, random items based on the room's tier, and health and mana potions.
  • Clearing a room also rewards each player in the room with gold and experience.
  • The amount of experience and gold gained differs based on the encounter type (creature encounters and chest encounters), and are scaled by 0.5 for each encounter level, starting at x1 for encounter level 1 to up to x2.5 for encounter level 4.
  • Base gold per player for a creature encounter is 75. Base gold for per player for a chest encounter is 100.
  • Base experience per player for a creature encounter is 300. Base experience per player for a chest encounter is 200.
  • Shops have a 50% chance to appear in rooms. They sell items and healing potions.
  • Rooms closer to the center are more difficult and contain better loot.
  • Rooms range from level 1 to level 4. Certain encounters can only be found in certain room levels. A table of these encounters is below.
  • Each depth level (cavern ring segment) contains a decreasing amount of trap rooms (higher depth means deeper towards the center of the cavern):
    • Depth 1 has 4 traps
    • Depth 2 has 2 traps
    • Depth 3 has 1 trap
    • Depth 4 has 0 traps
  • Roshan destroys a ring of rooms every five minutes, starting with the easier outer ring. Players in destroyed rooms take very high damage per second.
  • The contents of the map are randomly generated each time you play, so while the rooms physically remain the same, their location, difficulty and rewards will differ.
  • By default, every room will always have between 5 and 7 breakables and between 5 and 7 trees positioned randomly around the room. Unless it is a special room or if a particular encounter spawns additional trees and/or breakables.
Encounter Enemies Notes Level
Regular Rooms
The Wailing Chamber
  • Ghost
The 15 Ghost icon.png Ghosts are invisible until players are within 300 range. They apply Frost Attack on hit. 2
Little Inquisitors
  • Mini-Mage
The 8 Mini-Mages have Mana Break and Blink. They also use Mana Void on the closest player with less than 5 mana. 1
The Mucktown Mob
  • Eimermole Worker
  • Eimermole Taskmaster
The 2 Eimermole Taskmasters cast Viscous Nasal Goo and Quill Spray. They are accompanied by 9 Eimermole Workers that melee nearby players. 1
Ogre Smashers
  • Ogre Smasher
The 2 Ogre Smashers cast Jump Smash on any player in melee range on cooldown, and Melee Smash otherwise. 4
Rollin' Pangos
  • Omniminiknight
  • Pangoballer
The 2 Pangoballers cast Rolling Thunder, upon players entering the room. Despite never leaving Rolling Thunder, they can be stunned or disabled to make it easier to hit them. They are accompanied by 8 Omniknight minimap icon.png Omniknights that melee nearby players. 3
Arcane Arsenal
  • Deformed Wizard
The 8 stationary Deformed Wizards hurl fireballs towards where players are standing. Fireballs hit the first player unit that they come into contact with. Can be avoided by moving out of the way. 2
Spirit Breakers
  • Spirit Breaker
The 16 Spirit Breaker minimap icon.png Spirit Breakers cast a modified Charge of Darkness that bashes for 0.75 seconds on the nearest player. 1
Take Your Mud Lumps
  • Small Splitter
  • Medium Splitter
  • Large Splitter
The room contains two Large Splitters. Upon death, these split into a few Medium Splitters, then they split into a few Small Splitters. This room deals progressively more damage as the creeps split. 3
Troll Uprising
  • Troll Camp
  • Troll
The Troll Camp is inert by itself. When attacked, it spawns Trolls. If players ignore the camp, they are able to bypass it completely, but will not gain any loot. Unlike most other units in Underhollow, these troll creeps do not grant experience when killed. 1
Viper Pit
  • Netherdrake
  • Viperling
The 2 Netherdrakes cast Nethertoxin on cooldown at random players, which covers the ground in acid and deals high damage over time. They are accompanied by 10 Viperlings, that attack nearby players. 1
Knights of Ostarion
  • Knight of Ostarion
The 4 Knights of Ostarion can only be truly killed when all of the knights in the room are using Reincarnation, which takes 4.5 seconds. 3
A Mess of Zombies
  • Zombie
The 15 Zombies melee nearby players, and do not respect room boundaries. 1
Boss Rooms
Realm of the Elder Fae
  • Elder Fae
  • Stalker
The Elder Fae (Dark Willow model), periodically attacks players and casts a few of Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow's spells. She periodically casts Bramble Maze on nearby players. This boss is accompanied by 6 Night Stalker minimap icon.png Night Stalkers that melee nearby players. 2
The Void
  • The Void
The Void frequently channels Black Hole on nearby players. This boss is accompanied by 9 Satyr Mindstealer icon.png Satyr Mindstealers that melee nearby players. 3
Crazed Sniper
  • Crazed Sniper
The Crazed Sniper attacks the closest enemy target in range, knocking them back 35 units. He has a Mask of Madness icon.png Mask of Madness in his inventory, which he uses after he reaches 33% HP. 2
Leader of the Pack
  • Lycanthrope
Casts an amplified Summon Wolves. Transforms with Shapeshift and uses Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar when below 50% HP. 4
Lord of Oblivion
  • Lord of Oblivion
The Lord of Oblivion casts a few of Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna's abilies. Every eight seconds, he rotates between casting Nether Blast in an arc in front of him while using Decrepify on cooldown, and using Life Drain on the closest player. Does not move. 4
Protector of the Red Mountain
  • Protector of the Red Mountain
The Protector of the Red Mountain rotates through Earthshaker minimap icon.png Earthshaker's active abilities, including Fissure, an Aghanim's Scepter-enhanced Enchant Totem, and Echo Slam. The Protector also targets invisible heroes with it's Enchant Totem and Fissure abilities, even if he cannot actually attack them normally. 4
Trap Rooms
Caged Menace
  • Caged Menace
A small Lifestealer minimap icon.png Lifestealer, it infests crates and wait for players to break the crate. Once revealed, it chases players and casts Rage and Open Wounds. It possesses Feast. It does not respect room boundaries. 1-4
Slice of Your Life
  • Pendulum Blade
The blades swing around the room. They instantly kill any player who walk into their path. 1-4
Such Cruel Lengths
  • Pudge
Four invulnerable Pudge minimap icon.png Pudges surround a treasure chest. They periodically cast a slow-moving Meat Hook at players in the room. 2-4
Now Listen Carefully
  • Land Mines
A room scattered with 25-65 Proximity Mines (depending on room level). These function the same as Techies' Proximity Mines do, making a noise when the player is in range, and exploding a moment afterwards. 1-4
Exort Trionis!
  • Tiny Carl
Four invulnerable Invoker minimap icon.png Invokers surround a treasure chest. They periodically cast Sun Strike at players in the room. 1-4
A Killing Frost
  • Ol' Frosty One
The Lich minimap icon.png Lich in this room is untargetable. A Chain Frost is eternally bouncing around the totems in the room, and can bounce to players. 1-4
  • Periodically destroys outer rooms.
  • Deals heavy damage to players in destroyed rooms.
Statue of Gondar
  • Part of the Special Rooms encounters list.
  • Statue of Gondar
Reveals all enemy players on the map. 1-4
Statue of Karroch
  • Part of the Special Rooms encounters list.
  • Statue of Karroch
Randomly spawns a friendly Hawk or Boar companion for the team that activates the statue. 1-4
Summoned Serpents
  • Part of the Special Rooms encounters list.
  • Summoned Serpent
A room consisting of a 10x7 grid of Mass Serpent Wards. 1-4
Treasure Chest
  • Part of the Treasure Rooms encounters list.
  • Treasure Chest
A treasure chest is found in the room. 1-4
Show No Mercy
  • Part of the Special Rooms encounters list.
  • Chicken
Attack the chickens to make them drop gold. 1-4
Extra Long Shelf Life
  • Part of the Special Rooms encounters list.
  • Crate
Many destructible crates are found in the room. 1-3
  • Shopkeeper
A shopkeeper is found in the room. 1-4
  • Part of the Regular Rooms encounters list.
Juggernaut has 2 phases. Once he reaches 50% of his health, he switches to phase 2 where he shrinks to 0.6x of his model scale (down from x2 of his model scale) and increases his move speed by 100 (from 250 to 350). He also uses his Blade Fury ability in this phase, if it is off cooldown. 4 Juggernauts spawn in this room encounter. 2


  • Various types of treasure chests can be found by clearing rooms.
Treasure Description
Standard Chest Contains random items, gold, and cheeses.
Trap Chest Contains a trap. More info needed.
Chicken Chest Contains chickens. Hit the chickens as they run around to make them drop gold.
Shop Consumables Icon.png Level 1 Treasure Shop Caster Icon.png Level 2 Treasure Shop Arcane Icon.png Level 3 Treasure Shop Armaments Icon.png Level 4 Treasure Shop Weapons Icon.png Level 5 Treasure Shop Artifacts Icon.png Level 6 Treasure

Items and gold[]

  • Items are found in chests, crates or purchased from shopkeepers.
Image Item Description
The Underhollow Small Cheese Wedge.png Small Cheese Wedge Gives 25 Battle Points and 150 gold.
The Underhollow Medium Cheese Wedge.png Medium Cheese Wedge Gives 180 Battle Points and 900 gold.
The Underhollow Large Cheese Wedge.png Large Cheese Wedge Gives 330 Battle Points and 1200 gold.
The Underhollow Roshefort Cheese.png Roshefort Cheese Gives 300 Battle Points. Spawns randomly in a chest. All players are notified when it spawns, and when it's picked up.
Grimoire The Book Wyrm Preview 6.png Experience Tome Gives 125 XP.
Siltbreaker Gold Bag icon.png Gold Bag Gives 5 to 125 gold. Bags dropped by players give gold based on how much they carried on death, plus a sum of the sell value of their items, excluding their 3 most expensive items.
Picking up gold bags dispels temporary invisibility (Escape Potions, Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade, Sand Storm etc.)
Siltbreaker Health Potion icon.png Health Potion Restores 40% of a player's maximum health.
Siltbreaker Mana Potion icon.png Mana Potion Restores 25% of a player's maximum mana.
The Underhollow Escape Potion icon.png Escape Potion Grants 15 seconds of invisibility and 30% bonus movement speed.
Attacking, casting a spell, picking up a gold bag, or attempting resurrection will break the effect.
Creates a 300 AOE gray smoke cloud upon use. Can be sold during setup time for 200 gold (or half of that, if hero is picked earlier that the last 9 seconds of picking phase). Stacks in the inventory.
The Underhollow Cavern Dynamite icon.png Stick o' Dynamite Detonates after 4 seconds, dealing 1000 physical damage in a 500 radius.
Can be used to remove destructible walls and rock walls.
Can be bought for 750 gold in the shop and sold at half of that. Stacks in the inventory.

Unavailable Items[]

The following items cannot be purchased, built or found in this game mode:

Modified Items[]

All items are fully sharable with allies. Besides this, the following items have been further modified:

Image Item Modification
Enchanted Mango (65) Enchanted Mango
  • Can be sold (Except the one that comes from selecting a daily bonus hero).


  • Dynamite can be used to destroy the otherwise impassable stone walls, or sold for 800g, or used as a 1000-damage nuke against enemies. Be careful though, as the explosion will damage everyone in the radius, including your team.
  • Always open chests before going shopping. Often, whole assembled items will drop from chests, which may change your purchasing choices. Alternatively, you can sell the items you receive from those chests for gold.
  • Observer Ward icon.png Observer Wards can be placed on the other side of gates and stone walls to scout ahead, or left behind to detect flanking enemy teams.
  • Some heroes are better at clearing creeps, some are better at clearing "boss" units, and some are better at fighting enemy heroes. Try to find a good balance between these so that your team is not too weak in one area.
  • Healing Salve icon.png Healing Salves restore a lot of health early on, and is not canceled by non-player damage.
  • Some of the map is on higher elevation than others, giving a vision advantage. Always try and fight enemy ranged heroes while you have the high ground.
  • Escape Potions are extremely useful for re-positioning, scouting, and initiating.
  • Channeling resurrection while invisible will reveal you to nearby enemies.
  • Beware invisible enemy players as the game progresses, especially heroes like Riki minimap icon.png Riki, and in the very late game with 2-3 teams remaining when Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade becomes more common. Buy detection to prevent enemies from getting the drop on you.
  • Some rooms may be too difficult for your team. There is no shame in trying to run through the room to avoid the fight or looking for another way around.
  • Remember to rest and shop between rooms in case you run into an enemy team in the next room.
  • Many, if not all, sounds in this mode can be heard through the fog. It is possible to identify where enemies are by where you hear sounds coming from, long before you actually see them.
  • Stick with your team. There is very little reason to ever split up.
  • Divvy up room loot fairly to whoever can use it best. Avoid selling loot until everyone already has full slots. Remember, don't be greedy -- you win as a team, and you lose as a team.
  • Items are shareable. Pass your Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter to Gyrocopter after using your upgraded ability. If you're about to die, pass your best items to a core teammate to push through a fight.


Criteria Reward
Find a standard treasure 20 Battle Points
Find a Small Cheese 25 Battle Points
Kill an enemy player 30 Battle Points
Find a Big Cheese 300 Battle Points
Win a match 750 Battle Points

Caps and bonuses[]

  • Players can only earn a maximum amount of Battle Pass points per week. This cap can be increased by leveling the Battle Pass.
Battle Pass Level Points Cap Points Multiplier
1 2000 1x
150 3000 1.5x
252 4000 2x


Icon Name Activity Battle Points
TI8 Achievement Chicken.png CHICKEN CHASER Find the treasure full of fowl in The Underhollow 500
TI8 Achievement Big Cheese.png LACTOSE TOLERANT Claim the Big Cheese in The Underhollow 300
TI8 Achievement Elims 1.png MINER THREAT Eliminate 10 other players in The Underhollow 200
TI8 Achievement Elims 2.png CAVERN CRUSADER Eliminate 20 other players in The Underhollow 300
TI8 Achievement Elims 3.png AMBUSH ARTIST Eliminate 30 other players in The Underhollow 500
TI8 Achievement Last 1.png ANYONE ELSE THERE? Be the last team standing in The Underhollow 250
TI8 Achievement Last 2.png CAVE DWELLER Win 5 matches of The Underhollow 500
TI8 Achievement Last 3.png LORD OF THE HOLLOW Win 10 matches of The Underhollow 1000
Total Possible Points: 3,550
(3 levels)


Criteria Item Preview
Win The Underhollow 1 time Emoticon under win.gif
Win The Underhollow 5 times Emoticon under champ.gif
Win The Underhollow 10 times Emoticon under king.gif


  • The Underhollow is a battle royale with cheese, referencing the famous Royale with cheese scene from Pulp Fiction.
  • The room Knights of Ostarion room's description text is in all caps. This is a reference to CAPS LOCK LEORIC, an infamous item build from the DotA Allstars days.
  • The Pugna minimap icon.png Pugna model in the "Lord of Oblivion" room is wearing the Golden Nether Lord's Regalia Set. This set was distributed to only 25 players worldwide, making it one of the rarest cosmetics in the game.
  • The room "Exort Trionis!" contains small Invoker minimap icon.png Invokers casting Sun Strike. When Sun Strike is Invoked by players, Invoker will often say the phrase "Exort Trionis!", meaning "Three Exort", the invoke code for Sun Strike.
  • This game mode shares assets with The Emerald Abyss terrain.
  • The Ogre Smasher room was originally intended to have Ogre Magi minimap icon.png Ogre Magi that would cast Channeled Bloodlust and throw Ignite Area at players, but were cut prior to release.




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