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The Toy Butcher
Cosmetic icon The Toy Butcher
Wearable 13786
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Rarity: Legendary
Slot: Persona

Feared most amongst the fluff-stuffed denizens of the toybox, The Toy Butcher stalks the corners and shadows of the bin, always on the hunt for his next kill. Every toy knows that once the butcher gets his hook in you, your stuffing and your life are forfeit--like as not to be left strewn about the lanes as the plushy monster jaunts happily away from your lonely, ragged remains.
Created By
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▶️ Hi, I'm Pudge. Wanna play?
— 'The Toy Butcher'

This Persona is awarded to players who leveled The International 10 Battle Pass to 255.

Minor custom animations not shown.


Customization Type Preview
Loadout Spawn Animation
Spawn Animation
Ambient Effect
Idle Animation
Idle Rare 1 Animation
Idle Rare 2 Animation
Loadout Rare Animation
Attack 1 Animation
Attack 2 Animation
Attack 3 Animation
Run Animation
Run Injured Animation
Run Alt Animation
Run Haste Animation
Channel Animation
Teleport Animation
Teleport End Animation
Death 1 Animation
Death 2 Animation
Death 3 Animation
Death Overkill Animation
Victory Animation
Defeat Animation
Meat Hook icon Meat Hook Animation
Rot icon Rot Animation
Dismember icon Dismember Animation

Hero Icons[]

Customization Preview
Minimap icon The Toy Butcher Pudge minimap icon
Top icon The Toy Butcher Pudge icon
Portrait The Toy Butcher Portrait

Ability Icons[]

Meat Hook icon Meat Hook Rot icon Rot Flesh Heap icon Flesh Heap Dismember icon Dismember Eject (Pudge) icon Eject
The Toy Butcher Meat Hook icon The Toy Butcher Rot icon The Toy Butcher Flesh Heap icon The Toy Butcher Dismember icon The Toy Butcher Eject icon

Voice Responses[]

Customization Preview
All new lines Preview
Chat Wheel Dota Plus Responses




  • This item works like an equipment set, but the individual items for each slot are hidden.

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Patch History[]

  • Added arms to the loadout slot.
  • Added Workshop Support for the Persona.
  • Updated default hero model with item equipped.
  • Enabled rivalry and allied responses with Primal Beast minimap icon Primal Beast.
  • Fixed missing ambient effects.
  • Hooked up rivalry and allied responses towards Hoodwink minimap icon Hoodwink.
  • Added subtitles to item's responses.
  • Added an extra ▶️ sound layer for Eject (Pudge) icon Eject cast with The Toy Butcher.
  • Fixed The Toy Butcher reveal page using Anti-Mage's persona background on the Chinese client, instead of its own background.